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Detectives told Montejano they had information that he, Cruz and Briseno were involved in the shooting. Prado's name was never brought up, according to a policereport.

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The Mexican Mafia wants to stop drive by shootings because they draw heat from police and disrupt the prison gang's drug trade, according to law enforcementofficials.

comment on the case, including whether Jacquez's killing was a drive by shooting. Munoz said it is a pending criminal case and referred questions to the District Attorney'sOffice.

Police reports and court documents indicate Montejano told the informant he was in the car when he heard five or six shots. Montejano said that after the shooting, Jacquez's ran, got into the car and drove off. Montejano said he didn't know that they had a gun and were going togo"blasting."

Later that day, Sgt. Terry Burr issued a news release stating that police arrested Santa Paula resident Pablo Cruz in connection with the fatal "drive by shooting" ofJacquez.

On June 18, 2010, Mora and Detective Sonia Sanchez interviewed Montejano in county jail. They told him the Jacquez shooting was a drive by, showing him the newspaper article, according to apolicereport.

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2015 Nike Womens Air Max 90 Prm Fireberry/Pink

Here is what police reports, jail records and other documents obtained by TheStarindicate:

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On June 18, 2010, detectives showed Montejano a Ventura County Star article quoting Mora saying the slaying was a drive by shooting, according to a police report. Mora told Montejano his information indicated Montejano, Cruz and Briseno wereinvolved.

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"The detectives told the police agent inmate to stress that the Mexican Mafia had put a 'green light' an order to kill on Montejano," Katz's legal motionstates.

On Feb. 10, 2011, Mora re interviewed Montejano, who was in Wasco State Prison on unrelated charges. Mora played brief excerpts from Montejano's Aug. 7, 2010, meeting with the informant. After suggestions of leniency, Montejano reportedly drew a diagram of the black SUV the suspects were driving duringtheshooting.

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Montejano's lawyer, Joseph Villasana, and Cruz's lawyer, Charles Cassy, declined to comment onthecase.

The informant reportedly told Montejano repeatedly that as a Mexican Mafia soldier, drive by shootings aren't allowed. He reportedly threatened and then offered to protectMontejano.

The June 18, 2010, news release offering a $10,000 reward is posted on the Oxnard Police Department's website. But the June 9, 2009, release is not on thewebsitenow.

A year earlier, on the day the boy was shot, Oxnard homicide supervisor Sgt. Jim Seitz issued a news release that stated the boy's killers approached him on foot, shot himandran.

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In an email, Oxnard Police Department spokeswoman Monica Munoz said the department will not Nike Air Max Thea White Sneakers

Katz said he is aware police can legally use a ruse or lie to get a defendant to confess to a crime. But he said the police went too far in using the newspaper as their "propaganda operative to put out false story." Katz said the story was shown to Montejano, who was in jail on an unrelated crime, to make him believe he provoked the Mexican Mafia. Then detectives put Montejano into protective custody in exchange for his cooperation, Katzsaid.

Prosecutor Maeve Fox declined tocomment.

Attorney David Katz claims Oxnard detectives used a newspaper to plant a false story that the June 10, 2009, slaying was a drive by shooting. Katz alleges detectives used the article to scare, intimidate and coerce co defendant Victor Montejano into saying Prado was Nike Air Max 2015 Triple Black

Montejano denied any involvement inthecrime.

"I don't have historical information as to what was or what was not posted on the site,"shesaid.

Munoz said she started working for the Air Max 2015 Black On Feet

In a June 9, 2010, 2015 Nike Womens Air Max 90 Prm Fireberry/Pink newspaper story, Mora is quoted as saying, "The suspects did not get out of the vehicle, so for all intensive (sic) purposes, this was a drive byshooting."

´╗┐attorney asks that charge be tossed from court

Montejano told the paid jail inmate the shooting wasn't a drive by," according to a policereport.

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The boy was killed, police believe, in retaliation for the stabbing of Mario Lerma by a Colonia gang member in a Ventura park, according to courtdocuments.

On Aug. 7, 2010, nearly three months after the jail interview, Mora and Sanchez recruited and paid an inmate to say Montejano was a Mexican Mafia "soldier," and he was told to get incriminating information, with the conversation secretly recorded, according to a court document filedbyKatz.

An attorney representing Juan Prado, a defendant in a murder case, has moved to have statements made by a co defendant that implicate him in the gang related killing of a 13 year old boy tossed outofcourt.

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Katz said he's reviewed more than 10,000 pages of discovery from the district attorney, and there is not "one shred of evidence" that Jacquez's killing was a drive byshooting.

On Thursday, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kevin McGee scheduled a hearing for May 11 to determine whether Montejano's statements should be suppressed and Prado tried apart from Montejano and PabloCruz.

Oxnard Police Department in August 2011, and the last police spokesmanretired.

involved in the killing of JosephJacquez.

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