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Air Max 2015 Blue Green

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Air Max 2015 Blue Green

your firmware upgraded? My understanding is that firmware upgrades can only be done over coax (there certainly nothing on the web interface), but Time Warner Cable will not upgrade your firmware; so if you need a firmware upgrade you pretty much out of luck.

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Air Max 2015 Blue Green

rackmount Cisco router) to which it connects. Their contract is to provide connectivity on specific ethernet ports GBICs of that CPE. Which makes sense, since most people would rather not be responsible for administering any infrastructure they just want Time Warner to deliver them WiFi. It really is intended to be part of the ISP network rather than yours, so while (unlike a rental unit) you could walk away with it and take it to another provider, sell it, run your own copper infrastructure, etc. People had fun with this for a while until the network engineers figured it out, and now people exceeding the speed limit get their connections shut down pretty quickly. The vendor will only provide firmware patches to cable operators, and Time Warner won touch my modem to help get the firmware upgraded.

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

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Not sure I got that why is cable different in this regard from DSL? I pretty sure there is such thing built into adsl routers or modems, at least not in Germany.

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

I always had naked DSL because of not wanting to pay for cable TV or another line. As I understand it they can come up with a very minimal loader and reach out for their config to the local "node" for configuration, and this can include new firmware. On the support line they adamant that Air Max 2015 Blue Green you reboot the things before proceeding past the IVR. And end user doesn have the ability to update the firmware, even if they own the modem. DOCSIS configuration file this is the file your modem downloads when it comes online and includes settings like your speeds (Upstream service flows) and it also includes the SNMP settings (used for 2).2. SNMP The MSO can also remotely monitor and change your modem via SNMP. Other types of access networks have similar Air Max Thea Neon Green

These are called VRADs http: demarc for your DSL is the modem. If you provide your own modem you still are subject to AT rules. Most people point to Carterfone as the salient decision that changed this: http: reality, there was actually a prior decision which I can seem to find right now where AT refused to allow people to put plastic privacy guards over the mouth piece on the grounds that it would damage the phone network. The way DOCSIS is designed, your cable company has full access to your modem; your modem receives configuration data via TFTP from them and in most cases the firmware can only be updated over the coax interface. From a consumer standpoint, this seems very convenient, but the cable companies do this because it makes it easier for then. There no other way around this.

>Time Warner had left a backdoor in all their modems that gives them administrative access to my private connectionYes, their modems. Usually they own it, but in any case they have full control over it, as they should it part of their network. AT owns and is responsible for the fiber lines as they come through the wall, as well as the CPE (often a large Air Max Thea Black White Jacquard

DSL is provided over a POTS ("plain old telephone service") line. This is why in old movies you see people dialing ISPs by hand with a phone and then setting the handset down on a cradle the cradle was the modem, and it interfaced with the telephone network acoustically. The demarc (at least as we know it today) was presumably introduced after the government told AT they had to let people have their own networks, rather than considering everything up through the phones to be part of the telco network.

That wasn my experience with Time Warner and my Motorola cable modem, at least as far as dealing with modem issues (firmware). They referred me to Motorola.

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Air Max 2015 Blue Green

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

´╗┐Backdoor found in Linksys

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

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About a year ago I left a cable modem and internet service (Time Warner) at an apartment I was moving out of while my friend continued to stay there. I had configured the thing in a manner I thought to be fairly secure strong password, no broadcast, etc. One day the internet goes down and my friend doesn know what to do. She calls the ISP and asks them what wrong. Being the person I am, I attempt to troubleshoot things over the phone before giving out any sort of account credentials. Eventually, I ask her to log into the router configuration page. She doesn know the password and the first one I gave her doesn work. Time Warner had left a backdoor in all their modems that gives them administrative access to my private connection. And yes she did alter the password remotely. She didn seem to think there was anything wrong with this. I tried googling for relevant information, but wasn able to find anything more than speculation at the time.

Air Max 2015 Blue Green

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