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Air Max 2015 Crimson

had a responsibility towards the child to protect her from harm a responsibility which you failed abysmally in, doing to her what you did."

"He said that, when she wouldn't sleep, he would chastise her and smack her legs as she repeatedly got out of bed.

Air Max 2015 Crimson

He added: "By definition the victim is vulnerable and defenceless. You Nike Air Max 2015 Sole

slaps he had inflicted had been hard, said Miss Alam.

Braithwaite admitted a charge of child neglect.

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"Any force at all on a child of this age has to be Air Max 2015 Crimson unlawful force and the force which you perpetrated, judging by the bruising which resulted, was more than minimal force."

He added: "He wants to ensure if he is ever in a position again of looking after a child that this behaviour would not be repeated."

She said the injuries were inflicted over a five day period, and added: "When he was shown photographs of the bruising he said he felt horrible."

"That was obviously service to your country of an exceptional character, because no doubt you were risking life and limb during that duty.

When arrested Braithwaite, aged 21, of The Chase, Loxley, Sheffield, admitted smacking but told police he didn't think the Nike 2015 Air Max Mens

Air Max 2015 Crimson

Zaiban Alam, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court: "Her father decided to change her nappy and, when he did, he saw horrific bruising to both her thighs.

Sentencing Braithwaite to 250 hours of community service, and ordering him to pay 1,200 in prosecution costs, Judge Patrick Robertshaw told him: "Your remorse is genuine and, whilst it's not an excuse for what you did, I am satisfied at the time you were under a degree of stress."

Air Max 2015 Crimson

"He took her to Sheffield Children's Hospital where she was seen by consultant paediatrician Dr Noreen West.

Air Max 2015 Crimson

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James Baird, defending, said: "He's bright, motivated, keen to prove himself and make amends for what has happened. He has shown genuine remorse."

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´╗┐Baby smack soldier avoids prison

"He said he smacked her with his hand. He didn't think they were hard smacks, although she had cried."

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He added: "You are a serving soldier and you have recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan where you were on active service in a war zone.

Air Max 2015 Crimson

"She concluded the extensive nature of the bruising could not be explained by a fall, and that the linear nature was consistent with either repeated smacking or being hit by an object with straight edges."

"Having said that, over a period of four or five days you smacked a little girl just under two years of age.

Air Max 2015 Crimson

Air Max 2015 Crimson

Air Max 2015 Crimson

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