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I know what you are thinking: That just can't happen. After all, people in debt are so desperate to get out Air Max 2015 For Women of debt that they would never let themselves get into the same hole again. The truth is that debt consolidation is only step one. Step two must follow and that is changing your relationship with money.

´╗┐Avoiding the vicious cycle of debt

Years ago a woman from southern Vermont recounted to me how a single seemingly innocent financial decision started her on a journey that was the beginning of a debt nightmare from which she could not wake up.

could take you more than 10 years to pay off the debt.

become an all too easy pass to overspending and the beginning of a vicious cycle that can snowball out of control.

Unfortunately, those who seek debt consolidation don't always fully appreciate the value of the consolidated payment. They Air Max Tavas All Red

The general rule of thumb is that your debts, including credit cards, should not amount to more than 35 percent of your gross monthly income.

Air Max 2015 For Women

Do not spend what you don't have. Live only on what is in the bank and not on what you will get next month or on credit.

The idea is to create an environment in which you can manage your debt, make the monthly payment and get out of debt much more quickly than you otherwise would.

Air Max 2015 For Women

For most Americans, debt can start with an unexpected expense you think you can handle. Then life gets in the way and you soon find yourself buried, feeling trapped with no way out from under.

It means taking all of your debts and moving them to a single source. You can find debt consolidation at traditional lending institutions as well as online. Done effectively, it will result in a lower interest payment and a lower monthly debt payment, which should translate into more income left over each month so you can live within your means.

Debt consolidation can help if you know what it can do and what it can't.

And let's not talk about how much of that would be needless interest.

make the payment and then spend the money that's left overand then some.

Air Max 2015 For Women

Consider this like a debt to income benchmark. You can do it yourself. Take the amount of money you spend paying off your debt, such as your mortgage payment, and divide it by your income.

Air Max 2015 For Women

If you feel you have so little to spend at the end of the month, check this ratio to see if you're living with too much debt.

The woman I met with all those years ago did seek debt consolidation and for her it worked. She never again lent money, even to family, or borrowed on credit cards. It was a hard lesson but, because she was relatively young, it was one that allowed her to live in retirement with money to spare.

Air Max 2015 For Women

If you have $10,000 on a credit card and you only make the minimum payment, depending on the interest rate, it 2015 Nike Air Max Shoes

Air Max 2015 For Women

She had lent her sister a sizable sum for the funeral of her brother in law, who had died very unexpectedly. Given the urgency of the need, she put the bills on a credit card. Her sister had told her that once her husband's life insurance policy paid out, she could repay the funeral expenses.

Air Max 2015 For Women

Air Max 2015 For Women

Air Max 2015 For Women

While credit cards are a wonderful convenience, they aren't for everyone. They can Air Max Tavas Black White

The spiral continued, leaving the woman unable to pay her credit card bill and amassing interest charges beyond her means to repay.

Sounds like an ideal solution. But remember, if you need consolidation, it's because you probably haven't managed your money well up to this point.

A few weeks later, the sister found out that her husband had stopped paying premiums, due in part to a hidden gambling problem. Within six months, the sister was forced to sell her home, on which she owed practically more than it was worth.

Air Max 2015 For Women

In my day, I have heard some heart wrenching stories about consumer debt. As of just a few years ago, household debt in this country is more than $2 trillion, not including mortgage debt.

Air Max 2015 For Women

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