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Hi, Paul, I see this poll is "official," because you Nike Air Max Women 2015 White

That seems like an awful lot of bother. Me? I'll be off making something.

The operation of the trap is: set points = min(points, 1) and then if someone clicks upvote when points == 1, then rather than set points = 2, instead set karma=karma 100. Simple.

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

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an infinite number of comments, you can create downvote sink comments on an alternate account (or just make sure you downvote every actual troll), so that the majority (or a large minority) of your moderations pass meta moderation.

If so, combine it with either a short take back period for votes or separation between the up and down arrows. Versus, if you're a jerk who likes dumb comments, you'll be stung often enough to feel inhibition and a need to contemplate a comment's jerkiness and dumbness before hitting the up arrow. This additional mental load is quite deliberate.

Buried is in this longish comment is a particular suggestion I really like:You can only vote while you you can't see scores. Most people aren't going to install a browser extension. Of course, some will. But most people will just use the site as is, out of convenience.

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

´╗┐because you are the participant asking

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

"The problem has several components: comments that are (a) mean and/or (b) dumb that (c) get massively upvoted."How about this as a counter mechanism. If a benevolent dictator admin decides that a comment is mean or dumb, they can mark it as a troll trap. Its votes go down to a maximum of 1, voting it up above 1 now harms the voter's karma and doesn't increase its vote tally. Air Max Women Thea

If there's a consistent pairing of views between two accounts, this could be flagged as suspicious. If the person isn't proxying one of the accounts' access, all the more so. Of course, more overhead.

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

Air Max 2015 Pink And Black

are the participant asking the question. I have noticed several threads with much discussion of that meta issue. And I think you have answered your own question here about the issue of site quality when you say, "I prefer HN without comment scores, because those fights really disturbed me, and they've practically gone away since I hid comment scores." I too like the new way of doing things. That's an intriguing idea. To some participants here, finding the comments with highest point values for skimming threads is perhaps more valued to them than voting. I have thought about that issue for a while. It seems to me that there are several possible responses to the suggestion that voting power be separated from visibility of comment karma scores. Perhaps the learned readers here can suggest other possible responses. I appreciate you asking for user response, and I wish you all the best in setting site defaults that build a civil, thoughtful informative community on HN that helps innovation flourish.

Is meta moderation useful when you can vote on as many comments as you'd like? It works on Slashdot because you can only moderate a handful of comments per day/week, but if you can moderate Nike Air Max Tavas Burgundy

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Or new accounts could be disabled from viewing scores, much like new accounts are disabled from downvoting. The only benefit a person would obtain with this would be to see a score with a main account and upvote it with a throwaway, where upvotes aren't really what we are trying to prevent. RiderOfGiraffes at the beginning of this whole dilemma posted single page mirrors of the frontpage of HN taken once a month (or week) for the past few years. Looking through that, specifically the comments, the only difference I saw was that the commenters were much more buddy buddy and on a first name basis. Unless PG wants to redo the entire site and use some sort of invitation system much like a private Air Max 2015 Pink And Black BitTorrent tracker uses, I highly doubt a public community site would ever "avoid the Eternal September". Open registration means anyone can come in and be themselves. This will always change the community. Moderation can only go so far. If further action is desired, further action must be done.

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