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For the most part, and I can speak only about where I live, bandit signs are illegal. And thank goodness for that, since most of them are downright ugly. And setting aside the awful, handwritten signs, does it really help any neighborhood aesthetics to have signs that talk about "foreclosure help" staked in every corner?

Lastly, there has been a lot of backlash in my town with regard to bandit signs where community volunteers are removing them as part of a clean up effort.

inbox twice weekly!

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Sure, it might be effective, but you know that it wrong (again, in the cases I am referring to). It like the people who tape a flyer to my mailbox, or stick a business card in a sandwich bag with some pebbles and throw it in my driveway. Now THOSE are two things that drive me batty. (Yes, I am a full fledged curmudgeon at the ripe old age of 43.)

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Also look into the local municipalities laws on posting signs. In our area, cities with different rules and some actually consider it littering and will fine you. Another city actually has a task force assigned to track you down and fine you equal to the amount of time they spent to actually find you. The average fine is around a $1,000.00.

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Personally I used bandit signs and used them up until about a year ago where laws and attitudes started to change which resulted in having to replace the signs more and more often. I no longer use them.

Ed we put out about 20 25 we buy houses type signs just about every Saturday morning they get nailed 9 10 feet high up on a telephone pole, so they stay up for awhile I still occasionally see our signs that we put up 3+ months ago.

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Most of these signs are on private property without the owner permission, or they are on public property. My take is, if you have to tack your sign up 9 10 feet so people don take them down, or if you need to get an untraceable phone number so you can avoid a fine, you need to rethink what you doing.

If a sign is legal and agreeable to the property owner, go for it. I might not like it, but I can subject the world to my personal taste. (And what a pity that is!)

we will put up another 20 25 signs in the area our house is in.

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We average about 10 calls a week from sellers on our signs so 40 calls a month on 100 signs. Not our best source of leads (direct mail is) but it generates enough calls to justify. In 2010, we did 4 deals that we bought off our signs that we netted $22k on total. Total time invested about 200 hours for the year between making the signs and putting them up, say $500 in gas and another $650 for the signs. So, we keep putting them up. And they do work for us.

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Take into consideration how many bandit signs in your area are already being posted by other investors. This will dilute the number of leads and return on investment will be less.

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