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Air Max 2015 Red October

Missy Henriksen, a spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), answers questions from the WebMD audience about how to spot bedbugs, how to get rid of them (no, you don't need tiny wooden stakes), and how to prevent them from invading your space in the first place.

A plastic cover will keep bedbugs out of your mattress (or trap them inside if they are already there), Henriksen says. However, bedbugs hide in all sorts of places, and there's no piece of plastic that can cover everything.

places to hide when the pest pros show up.

blood cells to carry the oxygen required by your body. A 2009 case study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal discussed one possible case in a 60 year old man who had been bitten hundreds of times.

No. Although you may be able to spot and kill a bed bug or two, that doesn't get at the root problem, which is the infestation itself. Henriksen says that professionals consider bedbugs the single most difficult pest to eliminate. "It's not a do it yourself pest."

Can a person prevent them by keeping a clean place?

Where are these things prevalent?

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No. These night feeders are attracted to carbon dioxide, which we expel with every breath.

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Protection and PreventionDoes getting a plastic cover for your mattress help?

Do bedbugs cause any disease apart from anemia?

Again, bedbugs do not spread disease, and there is little evidence that they can cause anemia, a blood disorder in which you don't have enough red Nike Air Max Flyknit 2015 Oreo

The good news is that bedbugs do not transmit diseases. However, Henriksen says, they can keep you from Air Max 2015 Red October getting a good night's sleep, which, over time, is bad for your health. Anxiety is not an uncommon consequence of sharing your bed with loads of bugs.

Cleanliness QuestionsAre bedbugs attracted to dirty people?

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Unfortunately, the nasty little critters aren't fictional creatures out of the Dracula or Twilight sagas. They are all too real. And they're not afraid of garlic.

I know that ants and moths tend to dislike cinnamon and orange oil. Do bedbugs have any aversions?

Associated DiseasesAre there any diseases associated with bedbugs or are they just an annoyance?

Be vigilant, Henriksen says. If you are in a hotel, check the bed before you go to sleep. And when you return home, wash everything in hot water. Bedbugs can't survive temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit. As for hospitals, you're right. They are not necessarily bedbug free zones. Henriksen says that 12% of NPMA pros treated hospitals last year.

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Bedbugs are bloodsuckers that Air Max Thea Carbon Green

Bedbugs are most commonly found in and around your bed: your mattress, where the box spring and mattress connect, and in the dust ruffle that circles the bottom of your bed. But they can also be found in the walls, in picture frames, and other pieces of furniture.

If our home is now free of the bedbugs, how could they get into our bed in the first place? Do they come with us or things we brought from outside?

feed mostly on humans. It's a myth that they are too small to see. In fact, says Henriksen, they look like apple seeds or lentils. The first sign that you have a problem? You'll wake up to find itchy welts on your skin, frequently in groups of three one each to indicate your guest's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You might also spot pepper flake like particles that Henriksen delicately calls bedbug dirt.

If caught early, could one take steps to prevent them from multiplying? [Such as] vacuuming, throwing away items they may have laid their eggs in, and putting all your personal items (such as books, pics) in a freezer?

Bedbug BasicsWhat exactly are bedbugs and how do you know if you have them?

Again, no. "You'll find them in budget motels as well as five star resorts," Henriksen says. But you can make it easier to get rid of them if you reduce clutter. That way, they have fewer Nike Air Max Thea Iron White Dark Storm

Are bedbugs attracted to the fibers or the material used to make mattresses?

Your coworker, the person sitting next to you at the movies, that secondhand sofa you just bought all might be carrying bedbugs. They're real hitchhikers. "But we don't want anybody to be paranoid," Henriksen says.

No, Henriksen says. The anti pest industry is always testing new products, but they haven't come up with anything yet.

No. Bedbugs, says Henriksen, are equal opportunity biters they'll go after you whether you are dirty or clean.

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