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Still? All they got is that the man OR his car was at the gas station when the call was made?

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Wilson was scheduled to appear Tuesday in Cobb County Magistrate Court for a bond hearing, but staff in that office said the Tuesday bond hearing was postponed because his attorney did not show up.

Your caller ID says but the caller is a scammer tricking you into installing their own malicious computer program. The caller faked out your caller ID. It's very simple to fake caller ID. Perhaps someone making bomb threat calls knowing full well everything is under surveillance these days might just fake the caller ID to some pay phone. You think?

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MARIETTA A bond hearing was postponed Tuesday for the Woodstock man accused of threatening to bomb the Cobb and Cherokee county courthouses after his attorney was a no show.

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Has that come back and bit this white dude in the behind? If so, are you next?

Perhaps the sheriff got lazy dealing with since nobody cares about Illegals(many on this blog routinely assert that are sub human) and people even encourage the sheriff's laziness with regard to Illegals: deport them.

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When and if Wilson is released from Cobb, he will be taken to the Cherokee County Jail to face more charges there.

As a precaution, deputies and a K 9 bomb detection dog searched the area surrounding the courthouse complex the day the threat was called in, but no explosives were found.

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He has been charged with two counts each of terroristic threats and acts, preventing or disrupting "lawful" meetings, transmitting a false public alarm, false statements or writings and obstruction. One round of counts is for the May 7 incident and the second round is for a similar incident on Jan. 2.

It was on tap to be sold June 6, 2012, when another bomb threat was made to Cobb 911 from a Chevron gas station at 1501 Roswell Road. to Cobb County 911 on May 7.

Like Flavor Flave says, 911 is a joke.

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were able to determine that the call originated from a pay phone at the Citgo gas station on Roswell Street.

The circuit's public defender office, which appoints attorneys for suspects who cannot afford one, said their information still shows that Wilson is hiring private counsel.

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His next court appearance may not happen until an attorney has rescheduled the hearing or Wilson is indicted by the Cobb County District Attorney's Office.

If all the sherrif has is the 911 center's caller ID and a video of or his car with a home foreclosure (which describes about one in twenty lien holders here in foreclose faster than anyone Georgia) being near a phone having the phone number that was somehow made to show on caller ID at 911 (perhaps legitimately, perhaps not), this case will instantly fall to pieces in court and the sheriff SHOULD be chased out of town but unfortunately the locals will say just KNOW you had the right guy, we just can't believe they let him go. What was WRONG with that jury.

Jody John Wilson, 43, was arrested May 7 after being apprehended at his restaurant on Roswell Street, The Starlight Caf, just a few hours after he reportedly called in bomb threats to the Cobb County Courthouse.

Not having been under suspicion, though, his alleged presence at ONE of multiple bomb threat calls while having a home in foreclosure is nothing but a mere statistical fact, statistically bound to happen to at least one person.

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"An alert went out to law enforcement on the description on the vehicle, and with the help of other local law enforcement agencies, especially the Marietta Police Department, we located this vehicle Nike Air Max Thea Green Glow

´╗┐Attorney bails on bond hearing for bomb threat case

I hope for the Sheriff's Deparment sake they got more than a serious misunderstanding of statistics.

If he had already been under suspicion, his alleged presence at the public scene of ONE of the multiple bomb threat calls would mean a lot more.

He reportedly made a similar bomb threat to the Cherokee County Justice Center in Canton that same day, even though Wilson's home was not scheduled to be auctioned for sale at the courthouse that day.

Of course, perhaps the sheriff has more than is being reported. The Air Max Tavas All White reporting here may be incomplete or the information given to reporters by the sheriff's department may be incomplete. We'll see. Let's just hope there is at least one statistician involved somewhere in the process.

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ever been called by to tell you to download patches from the internet because they determined your computer was out of date?

Wilson's cafe is less than a mile down the street from the Citgo, where Wilson or his car were apparently spotted on video surveillance at the time the call was placed.

Through public will here in Cobb County, Georgia, we have trained our sheriff's department to be lazy.

and Mr. Wilson on the Square inside the Starlight Cafe," Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren previously said.

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