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"We should be protecting them," he said, "and this Air Max Tavas 39

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He said he went to St. Peter recently where a high school student was doing a senior project on Gardasil. He came to give a talk on the subject of vaccinations.

Taylor said his reading of the research makes the decision of whether to get the vaccine a no brainer.

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is one of the best ways to protect our children."

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of the resistance comes from. Some adults struggle with the notion of children being sexually active, and say that giving in to such a vaccine is tantamount to approving of underaged sexual activity.

´╗┐Bachmann has docs still talking about HPV

"Parents must be able to make informed choices on all medical decisions for their children, including vaccines," Hokkanen wrote. "The medical community must be honest with the public about vaccine risks. The statements by recent health leaders that there is 'absolutely no scientific evidence of harm from the HPV vaccine' are simply false. Consumers deserve far better from the people charged with protecting public health."

Air Max Tavas Gym Red

Air Max Tavas Gym Red

Bachmann called Perry's order akin to forcing little girls to get a "government injection." And she said she knew of cases where the vaccine had caused mental retardation in children, a claim she backed off from later and said a mother had told her it happened to her daughter.

And while Effrem says there is no proof that the vaccine works, Taylor said the drug's trial shown huge reductions in cancer rates.

Taylor said that, admittedly, only a very small percentage of girls will grow up to get cervical cancer. But he said that shouldn't stop scientists from trying to develop more ways to keep people healthy.

In an opinion piece published recently in the Star Tribune, Nancy Hokkanen of Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota railed against the backlash coming at Bachmann, and said there are many including award winning journalist Alison Bass who have raised questions about the government's endorsement of a pharmaceutical company's aggressive marketing of a drug that, she says, may not be necessary.

Minnesota doctor Karen Effrem said the media scrutiny that followed Bachmann's comments was unfair, and that the things she said, while technically less than sound, had merit.

Still, most of the medical community has embraced the vaccine.

"Completely without any scientific credibility," said Taylor, a obstetrician/gynecologist at The Mankato Clinic. "I've never seen the medical community rally around something like they did when she made her comment. It was pure emotion and no science."

But there's a catch: "You have to give it before they get the virus, so you want to give it before they're sexually active."

And many doctors, including Mankato's Mark Taylor, knew exactly how they thought about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's thoughts on vaccinations for the papillomavirus.

"I saw a woman come in, she didn't have anything to do with these other kids and I thought, 'Uh oh, I've got a Michele Bachmann here.' It turned out her daughter died of cervical cancer. She said, "If the vaccine would have been available when my daughter was younger, she'd probably be alive today.'"

This, Taylor says, might be where some Nike Womens Air Max Thea Black

those that remain, she said, nearly all can be caught by other cancer screening methods such as pap smears.

Whatever the facts may be, Bachmann's rhetoric has the country talking about HPV vaccinations and whether they are a good idea or not. While most medical professionals fall squarely on the side of vaccinations, there is a group that claims the vaccinations are unsafe.

One development that cut down on the cervical cancer rate is pap smears. Since instituted as part of a woman's routine medical checkup, Taylor said, cervical cancer rates have plummeted.

The vaccine doesn't protect against all substrains of the HPV virus. But it does protect against the ones that account for 70 percent HPV infections.

She said the drug used in most vaccinations, Gardasil, comes with side effects that Air Max Tavas Gym Red can be dangerous or fatal, and she claims there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine even works, and says it can give patients a false sense of security. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been more than 18,000 reports of adverse events following a Gardasil vaccination, including 98 deaths.

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Effrem said that, instead of saying "mental retardation," Bachmann should have said the vaccine can cause brain damage. Effrem said in an article published on the website for a group called "True North," that there are many reasons why the criticism of Bachmann's comments were "rabidly and almost delusionally intense as well as incorrect."

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By now anyone who pays attention to politics knows the story. In a nationally televised debate of Republican candidates for president, Bachmann attacked GOP front runner Rick Perry for his issuance of an executive order to require young girls to get the vaccine, which can prevent cervical cancer.

She says the cervical cancer situation has been greatly exaggerated by vaccine advocates, and that 95 percent of HPV infections are cleared up by the body's own immune system. Of Air Max Thea Size 10

Air Max Tavas Gym Red

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