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The parting of the ways between the defender's office and Klopfenstein began during the trial of Ramon Esparza Rios, a former South County ranch foreman who killed his 12 year old son, his wife and her cousin before fleeing to Mexico in 1990. Rios, 61, was arrested and extradited in 2010.

"If I don't think he's doing what he should do, then I wouldn't use him on the panel," said Dice. "Several people Nike Air Max Thea Se Grey

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The agreement leaves open the possibility that John Klopfenstein will continue to represent indigent clients for the county.

Butler rejected each of Nike Air Max Thea Gs

Neither side admitted wrongdoing in the settlement, and Public Defender Jim Egar agreed not to Air Max Tavas On Foot oppose Klopfenstein's application to the Alternate Defender's Office, a panel of lawyers who accept court appointment to cases when the public defender has a conflict.

Klopfenstein also accused Egar of defaming him for discussing his leave with The Herald.

In the meantime, Egar and Assistant Public Defender Don Landis began a review of Klopfenstein's work on Rios' case and others. Less than three weeks after the verdict, Klopfenstein was placed on paid administrative leave.

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In November, he filed a claim with the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. It alleged his discipline was discrimination and retaliation for his arrest, which he said rose from a single relapse in alcoholism. Because he had been in recovery for years, the disease qualifies as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the state Fair Employment and Housing Act.

He said Klopfenstein had no notes in his file, never interviewed experts or considered a mental defense for Rios, and did not open an envelope containing photos of bullet trajectories that may have shown Rios acted in self defense.

Egar referred all inquiries to Deputy County Counsel William Litt, who said the county has no reason to oppose the application.

"We have not concluded that Mr. Klopfenstein committed any misconduct," he said, adding that Judge Pamela Butler repeatedly rejected Egar's claims that his deputy provided ineffective counsel to a man convicted of murdering three members of his family.

He said Klopfenstein's work would be periodically evaluated, just as any other attorney Nike Air Max Thea Venice

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over the years are not being asked back."

Salinas lawyer Frank Dice, who manages the Alternate Defender's Office, confirmed he had been asked by Welsh and Egar to accept Klopfenstein's name to the rotation of lawyers who are paid with county funds.

While most of the motions and declarations were filed under seal, Egar said in open court that Klopfenstein had put an unprepared and uneducated Rios on the stand, where he essentially admitted premeditated murder.

"He's doing great. He is healthy, capable and ready to move forward," she said. "From what I've heard, I think his reputation is still good moving forward."

Klopfenstein's civil attorney, Michelle Welsh, said he denies the allegations "brought up after the fact" by Egar. As for his drunken driving case, Klopfenstein pleaded no contest to a "wet reckless" in December. Welsh said he has been sober since his arrest.

the motions and sentenced Rios to three consecutive life terms without possibility of parole. The case is pending appeal before the 6th District Court of Appeal.

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A deputy public defender scrutinized for his work on a triple murder case settled a discrimination claim against the county, exchanging his resignation for $100,000.

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on the list.

In the midst of his trial, Klopfenstein was arrested for suspicion of drunken driving. After discussions with Egar, prosecutor Steve Somers and Rios, Butler let Klopfenstein finish the case. The jury quickly convicted Rios.

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´╗┐Attorney settles with county for

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Egar said the arrest merely prompted a review of Klopfenstein's legal work, which, in turn, led to his suspension. Egar and Landis then pursued strenuous but ultimately unsuccessful efforts to get a new attorney and a new trial for Rios, arguing he had been provided inadequate counsel by Klopfenstein.

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