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about credit. If at a later date you deny someone with bad credit it would be harder to defend turning someone down because of credit when you accepted a non protected class with bad credit. OTOH many tenants have been involved in short sales and foreclosures so if their credit is otherwise ok that is one thing, but if they simply don't pay their bills that is another. You could tell the lady you have been advised (true) to run credit and criminal. Since this is your home it would be a shame to rent it to someone who doesn't take care of it.

Property has been advertised on Craigslist. I received approx. 7 inquiries in the first 24 hours.

I don't know about the other landlords on BP but I have been burnt more often by people I know or have come recommended by friends. For that reason I don't lease to people I know unless they meet the same standard that I set for absolute strangers. That way I avoid bias.

Air Max Tavas Release Date

Single, no kids

Air Max Tavas Release Date

If for some reason this applicant declined or fell through, I would move forward and process the application of the second applicant, although I would require a credit and background check since he is not known to me and came through craigslist. I did explain to the second applicant that Air Max Tavas Release Date I already had received one application and was processing them in order of receipt.

application, he meets the income and employment criteria. I was not going to do a background check because she is known to me and others in the group. I was not going to do a credit check since she was upfront about her credit issues.

1)Am I opening myself up to a potential discrimination charge from the second applicantby moving ahead with the first applicant and not requiring a background/credit check, even though I would require it of the second person?

The way we deal with this is to simply put it into a system which avoids any grey areas. So if someone applies, they have to pay an application fee. We then run their background check. If someone else applies, we do the same thing. Whoever gets accepted and then turns in the deposit first gets the unit. If someone has already been accepted, but hasn't turned in the deposit, we let any potential applicants know that they are risking their app fee. And if they are accepted, but the unit is Nike Air Max Tavas Wolf Grey Suede

I would take more applications run background checks on all and pick the best tenant on paper from both a financial and credibility standpoint.

Air Max Tavas Release Date

Hi BP Community. I have been a long time "lurker" and now am a first time poster. I own a SF rental in Northwest IN (former primary residence). First time renting this property.

What you are doing is saying you don't care Air Max Tavas Black Stealth

Air Max Tavas Release Date

Accepting the first one is correct but referrals have been my biggest nightmares. The one doing the referring is doing those tenants a favor, not us.

Air Max Tavas Release Date

Tell all applicants that you do thorough background checks and do them. In my early days I accepted tenants who were referred to me by credible organizations and/or were personallyknown to me, did not do my due diligence andwas burned. Some of my worst tenants came to me by personal referral and I let my guard down. Now I follow the same procedure with all applicants. You need to do the same. Tell your applicant that you found out that by fair housing standards you must process all applications the same and will need to do the background check afterall. Can almost guarantee that you will be surprised. Check rental history, credit history, legal history and verify income.

taken, they can go to any of our other properties. In the end, some sort of "first come, first serve" is the only really fair way to do it.

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Thank you!!

Has 2 dogs

The second applicant came to view the property a few hours after the first app was submitted. He submitted his application on his way out. According to the Nike Air Max 2015 Triple Black

2)What do you tell people who inquire about a property's availability after you have already received several applications? Do you still make appointments to show it knowing you may have to cancel if you receive a signed lease/deposit?

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It is also an ok idea to allow someone with credit issues if they put a larger deposit.

´╗┐Avoiding Appearance of Discrimination

Air Max Tavas Release Date

APPLICANT 1Credit isn't great

Air Max Tavas Release Date

My specific Qs:

In this case it sounds like you are making 2 huge mistakes both being made because you are not using a standardized objective analysis. By doing soit filters through your own prejudice (both good and bad).

The first applicant was referred to me via a volunteer group of which we are both members and is an acquaintance. She came to see the property the day it was listed and submitted an application the following morning (today). According to the application, she meets the income and employment criteria. She explained verbally that she has or anticipates a ding to her credit due to a short sale which she is in the middle of.

Air Max Tavas Release Date

Air Max Tavas Release Date

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