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In a letter to Tony Morris, president of Powder Springs based American Maglev Technology Inc., libel and defamation lawyer Cynthia Counts said the December 2011 Maglev evaluation, compiled by the Cobb Department of Transportation's Transit System Evaluation Committee, contains no evidence of false statements and that all the committee members stand by the report.

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And the committee then put together a report, DiMassimo said.

DiMassimo said the committee didn't make a formal recommendation on maglev, as it did with the other two companies, because it still had unanswered questions.

"We reached out to elected leadership seeking fairness, not legal hair splitting," he said.

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"It's amazing the new technology being investigated out there. A lot of that has potential."

servants should be looking for the most cost effective ways to use taxpayer money. Our attack anyone that does not fit into their plan to tax and overspend. The only method is the unsustainable traction drive system. Every transit system in the country is using the same technology and is in serious debt with no way out but more creative ways to tax citizens. MARTA Nike Air Max Thea Metallic Grey

The committee report, while not officially making a recommendation on whether the county should consider AMT's offer to build a privately funded rail line, says the rail project would be out of the way for commuters wishing to travel to downtown Atlanta and require costly transfers. Morris has proposed a Nike Air Max Thea Red Black

Morris said he still wants to hear a proper response from elected officials, not a paid consultant.

"That's the actual proceedings of the meetings," Cobb DOT director Faye DiMassimo said of what Counts wrote in her letter.

The other reports now on the county's website detail the transportation committee's evaluations of Marietta based Owen Transit Group Inc.'s HighRoad Rapid Transit System and a proposed system from Tubular Rail Inc. of Houston. Like maglev, those proposals promoted elevated rail systems running in the Northwest Corridor. The evaluations committee's reports on both proposals recommended against the county using the technologies, but each said that if they were to be properly redeveloped in the future they could be worth considering.

DiMassimo was a leader at FHWA in Alabama and chose to come here and oversee Cobb DOT Air Max Tavas Sale and the thanks she gets is reading slander from backwater hicks like yourself.

According to Counts' letter, the committee includes Don Hicks, an engineer with Croy Engineering; Dave Garrett, an engineer with Atkins Global; and county transportation engineers Bob Galante; Mike Cates; David Jackson: Bryan Ricks and Mike Wright. The committee has two other reports listed on the county's website, which now appear with the AMT report, which had been taken down temporarily in the wake of Counts' legal review.

MARIETTA An attorney hired by Cobb County has determined that the county's critical report on a proposed maglev rail line was "fair and balanced," but the man behind the proposal says he never even met with the county.

Morris said the report was inaccurate from the very first page, when the evaluation committee claims to have met with AMT representatives. Morris said no committee members asked to meet with him or anyone else from the company.

While AMT never submitted a formal proposal for the county to review, DiMassimo said company representatives wanted to come and talk to the county about its technology.

While he said he won't take legal action against the county, Morris said he is still frustrated.

"It was a very informative process," Hicks said. Nike Air Max Tavas 47

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"When they asked to come and talk about the technology, I immediately referred them to the committee, because that's what we formed the committee for," she said.

The report was briefly taken down while Counts reviewed it, but has since been put back on the Cobb DOT's web servers.

Most of the people on this review Board are professional engineers with decades of experience who live in Cobb County. They pay taxes like the rest of us and want to see the money spent wisely. Croy has lived in Cobb and served as head of Cobb DOT himself while building roads and trails we now take for granted and use everyday. He and his staff (which included some of the guys still there and reviewing this project) ran a tight ship and gave us early SPLOST success with Barrett Parkway, East West Connector, and the Silver Comet Trail. Then, rather than be a career bureaucrat, he started a small business in the community adding to the tax base of Cobb County. What a slime ball!! Would you have rather taken all his local knowledge to Gwinnett and place his business there where he was equally respected???

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is closing restrooms at stations to save money. That's customer service. AMT maglev technology is very inexpensive to build and maintain, yet public officials continue to ignore this technology and opt for the same old unsustainable methods. Send a message Vote No TIA.

"Being legally defensible is nowhere near being ethical or moral," he said.

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After a new chairman has been sworn in your master dimassimo will be given her walking papers and sent back to the FWHA in ALA. You can go with her because she will need some of her precious lemmings. She was hired for one thing and that was to bring light rail to cobb, she's a planner and not a PE like her terrible predecesor. That's why she had to hire a deputy director to handle the engineering side.

What a crock. They do and say whatever she says. They have no backbones. She controls the DOT through intimidation in order to cover up for the fact that she is a croy puppet. Send her packing!!!!

Hicks said he did meet with AMT in 2010 or 2011, even visiting its maglev test track in Powder Springs along with other committee members.

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In her letter to Morris, Counts wrote that Morris had "substantive" discussions with the committee between August 2010 and January 2011. During that time, Counts said Morris answered questions about the benefits of maglev's technology, potential financing methods, capital budget and safety issues.

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´╗┐Attorney callsmaglev report 'fair balanced'

You people are freakin' unreal! If the county had chose to go down this road with Maglev, they would have been attacked in the blogs. They made the right call and they get hacked up because of who they work for? You want Cobb DOT to make sound decisions and when they do, you call them spineless.

"There was never a meeting of a 'committee' with our company," Morris said. "Anything coming out of a meeting that never happened is misleading. It is really pretty simple, and we still insist that the report be made accurate, if not complete."

rail line mainly using right of way along Interstates 75 and 285 from Kennesaw to the Dunwoody MARTA station near Perimeter Mall.

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