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It stemmed from Jeffrey Nike Air Max Thea Womens Olive Green

The Supreme Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price Court ruled that the appeals court should have given consideration to Jeffrey Chafin's appeal rather than summarily dismissing it.


And even then, the case is far from finished. courts may order the girl's return, the Scottish courts may just as easily ignore the command. That would further complicate the custody case.

"I'm more than happy. I'm very elated," Chafin said Wednesday. "After talking and yelling and screaming for a year and a half, it was good that somebody has heard us. And more important, it's who heard us. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals must now decide on Chafin's appeal.

"I've got 20 cases like this around Atlanta right now," Manely said. "Courts cannot afford to lose control of a child.

Manely and his client determined that the appeals court's inability to act was a flaw in international custody cases, leading to the appeal to the high court.

That process should begin soon, with a decision coming within the next couple of months, Manely said.

The Supreme Court affirmed that lower courts are not powerless to act when a parent takes a child across international borders.

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But the resolution gained by a Supreme Court decision gives Chafin a renewed sense of optimism.

"A lot of externalities made this case very compelling," Manely said. "It's frightening that children can be taken out of country and courts can't do anything about it."

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"It's that kind of case that has such momentous impact for families," Manely said. "And the fact that they came back unanimous was outstanding."

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Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

reach to Scotland.

borders. Supreme Court in December. Army Sgt. Jeffrey Chafin, who is in a custody dispute with his estranged Scottish wife, Lynne Chafin, over their daughter, Eris.

"The court will have to answer, where was she living?" Manely said. Supreme Court in the last dozen years, Manely said.

But the draw for the Supreme Court to hear the case came from an assessment of lower courts' reach in the face of international borders.

The Supreme Court's decision may have implications for a variety of custody fights in which a parent or guardian may consider taking a child out of the country trying to circumvent American Nike Air Max Thea Textile Grey

Chafin's failed appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which said a decision was "moot" because the mother had already taken the girl out of the court's Nike Air Max Tavas Essentials

´╗┐Attorney wins at Supreme Court

"We asked the Supreme Court to fix that problem," Manely said. courts do not lose the ability to act within the confines of international law regarding custody disputes just because the child has been taken abroad.

"If I was wrong and didn't do well, a whole bunch of kids would be at risk," Manely said. court to order a child returned to the country if it finds that the child has been wrongfully removed.

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Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

"There are so few family law cases in front of the court," he said. "They are few and far between."

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Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

Air Max Thea Desert Camo Price

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