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Atlantic oarsman is back at his Wiltshire home after a dream trip that took five years to plan turned into a nightmare at times.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Before the pair set off they had been concerned about how they would get on in a tiny boat, at sea for weeks with only rare Air Max Thea Mens Size 10 use of their satellite phone possible because it depended on solarThey even went to the lengths of having some counselling which worked, said Mr Turnbull, because over their 61 day endurance test they never argued once.

in the cool bar at the Goddard Arms at Clyffe Pypard and about food.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

He developed huge blisters on the first day but decided against wearing gloves and let blisters grow on his blisters until they finally calloused.

Their feast included peanut satays with rice and huge helpings of mashed potato.

His lowest point, he said, was when he realised they were not going to achieve their aim of breaking the 40 day record for the La Gomera Antigua crossing.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

On one occasion I looked at Ed and all I could see was a big roast chicken."He said he fantasised about drinking cold pints of Wadworths 6X Air Max Tavas Black Black

His hands toughened but after days of gripping tight to oars even more than a week after the journey ended he was unable to open his hands fully this week.

Mr Turnbull recalled some Air Max For Ladies 2015

He and buddy Ed Baylis, a 26 year old banker turned entrepreneur from Dorset, had planned to row from the Canary Islands to the West Indies in 40 days to set a new record.

Mr Turnbull deliberately piled on the pounds to give himself a fat reserve and was his heaviest ever, 16 stones, when they departed.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Mr Turnbull said the Valentine's Day feast would live on in his memory: "They were the first people we had seen in weeks and we had an amazing night, a brilliant time."

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

´╗┐Back on dry land From This Is Wiltshire

There was despair when they found their supplies of Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars an essential part of their diet of 7,000 calories a day had become contaminated with sea water and had to be

"Things got really gritty at times and that was about the worst," said Mr Turnbull, who added that his spirits were buoyed by the thought of his girlfriend Penelope Fisher and parents waiting in.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

thrown away.

In the weeks ahead of the trip Air Max Thea For Running

of the lowest moments of the 60 day epic journey including running low on food with 500 miles of the 3,000 total still ahead of them.

Five hundred miles short of their goal they began to run out of food but amazingly managed to arrange a Valentine's Day liaison mid Atlantic with two Dutch rowers who gave them extra supplies.

But almost nine weeks of virtually non stop activity and little sleep proved to be a wonderful slimming aid and he shed more than three stones by the time they landed in

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

Mr Baylis, he said, was a big, brawny and tough keep fit fanatic who succumbed to seasickness within six hours of leaving land when they ran into their first and worst storm.

Air Max Thea Mens Size 10

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