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In the letter, DiLorenzo cites eight passages that he claims libel Hill. They include comments concerning budget issues plaguing the superintendent's office and Hill's alleged unwillingness to cooperate on accountability issues.

"When the system is not working, it is the Legislature's duty to affect changes to make the system function effectively," it states.

In a brief phone interview, Hill disputed she was attempting to silence her critics.

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result has been threats and those types of things."

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´╗┐Attorney accuses lawmakers of libeling Wyoming schools chief

"Nothing could be further from the truth," she said. "What I'm trying to do is open up the debate and have it be a debate on facts."

"I can't say I was very surprised," he said. "It seems like there Nike Air Max 2015 Black Grey

Because Hill is a public official, she must meet a higher standard to prove she's been libeled, said Bruce Moats, a Cheyenne attorney who specializes in media law. She would have to show lawmakers knew what they were saying was false or recklessly disregarded the truth.

Courts are particularly protective of political speech, Moats continued. In order to prove a statement is libelous, Hill would also need to show it's false. It might be challenging to prove whether she cooperated with lawmakers, since that is a matter of opinion, he said.

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has been a number of times where we try to talk policy, where the Red Air Max 2015

Stubson and Lubnau said they had no plans to retract the report.

A lawyer for embattled Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill threatened legal action Wednesday against legislators who published a report on the law that removed much of her power.

"It is pretty important for us to continue to speak about these issues," Stubson said. "I don't think the letter should have its intended purpose, which is to silence discussion on these issues."

"Right now, all they are trying to do is cover up and justify their votes any way they can," he said in an interview with the Star Tribune. "But they are not going to justify it by slander and libeling my client. Simple as that."

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Emblem based attorney Robert DiLorenzo called the report libelous and demanded Rep. Rosie Berger, who apparently sent out the document, Air Max Thea Navy either prove or retract eight statements concerning Hill. In a letter sent Monday, he gave Berger 10 days to comply.

The law transferred control of the Wyoming Department of Education to a director appointed by the governor. It left the superintendent with only a handful of duties, including administering the teacher of the year program and helping school districts prevent head injuries

The letter represents a new front in the legal battle launched by Hill after passage of Senate File 104. She has already sued Gov. Matt Mead, claiming the law violates the state constitution. A judge denied her request to halt implementation of the law until the matter could be decided by the courts. The Wyoming Supreme Court agreed last month to hear the case.

Her attorney said Berger was the only lawmaker who received a letter. He said he did not know whether he would send letters to any additional lawmakers.

The 32 page report attempts to explain why lawmakers passed Senate File 104, controversial legislation enacted earlier this year that transferred many of the superintendent's duties to a director appointed by the governor. The paper was prepared by House Speaker Tom Lubnau, Majority Whip Tim Stubson and House Minority Leader Mary Throne.

"There is no attempt to demean the superintendent at all," he said.

issue that doesn't lend itself to sound bites.

The attorney, a tea party organizer who unsuccessful challenged Rep. Elaine Harvey in last year's Republican primary, said those statements weren't based on fact.

No one picked up the phone when a reporter twice called Berger's home Wednesday.

In their report, lawmakers said the purpose of the law had been mischaracterized by focusing on Hill specifically. Instead, the law was designed to reorganize the Education Department.

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"My client has been slandered and libeled in several quarters in this state, repeatedly, with outrageous lies," he said. "And I'm getting darned fed up with it."

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Lubnau, who is also an attorney, said the allegations in the report were true and easily verifiable. The paper was simply designed to help people in Wyoming understand a complicated Nike Air Max Thea White Black

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Stubson said it was important to have a dialogue with voters on important issues. He suggested the letter was meant to stifle the conversation.

The matter still remains for the truth and political misinformation is the key to devert the truth. This issue is not about Children in School but the Children within the Legislator. Truly think about your own education, why vote, if you don't you don't matter. Yet now Wyoming will have to send it to the last vestage of a decision. This legislation was done under the veil of secrecy and darkness. Coe and crew effectively changed the will of the people. Hill

Moderates in Republican party take charge soon, I thought the true Republicans did and voted to support the referendum. I thought the man in Governor's chair is a Republican, so what was he in charge of and is he not a lawyer who knows the Law? People in Wyoming true Republicans and True Democrats all recognize that such an action is not about a job, but the rights of us all. I do not think for one moment that if the procedures of impeachment were followed, and Mrs. Hill testified and had the due process of the within the law. Then Wyoming would not have the these today. So should the question be asked does your vote matter today, for you gave these legislative people the power. The current evidence indicates you do not matter for they govern and rule and that is a form of tyranny. Dewey, now you're an attorney giving legal advice. If you could get past the squirrels in your head you would see the specific issues in this matter. Recognizing that the world is not run according to Dewey would be the first step. Thanks for mentioning the "Sign the Petition" rally in the park as it's always good to get the word out. It's safe to say you won't be signing the petition. Also, there will be another gathering in August. However, it's also safe to say that you're not invited to that one. Keep the clowns in your closet.

I think Cindy needs a new lawyer. CIndy Hill is the keynote speaker . Send in the clowns.

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