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2. The law states that bailiffs collecting council tax have no power to force initial entry or break open an outer door if it is either locked or bolted.

7. If anyone should call purporting to be a bailiff, DO NOT LET THEM IN. They will lie, cajole and attempt to deceive you. You must not be taken in by any of this. They have no right of access to your house. Do not let them in to use the loo, Air Max Tavas Gs


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9. Tell them, from an upstairs window, that they will not gain access to your property and that they must return the warrant to the council. Then tell them that they must leave or you will report them for the common law offence of trespass.

If you receive such a letter and you have never had a bailiff enter your home and levy goods inside your property, they can not enter your home and remove goods. a vehicle.

3. Bailiffs must enter a property peacefully through an unlocked door or through an open window.

charging excessive, or inventing fees

use the telephone, or to get out of the cold. They will try anything and once they have gained peaceful access, they can break in at some point in the future.

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charging for visits that they did not make (phantom visits)

´╗┐Bailiffs were like something out of Robin Hood

There are a number of avenues you can take for lodging complaints, none of which I should think will get you (individually) anywhere. However, I still recommend you do this as Nike Air Max Thea Beige Print Trainers

should be officially recorded, and the accumulation of many complaints may have some effect, some day.

If you have refused to deal with the bailiffs, the council will be awkward and insist they will not accept your payments. However, they have a legal obligation to collect council tax and can not refuse your offer of payment, this doesn't seem to stop them. Your avoidance of bailiff's fees is far too much for them to bear.

You have two obvious options as far as I can see to get round this.

A final note about direct payments to the council when your account is with the bailiffs:

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated. Air Max Thea Se You will likely receive a threatening notice having something like this written on it:

4. They may not enter through a closed window, even if it is not locked.

Remember you're not, as the council would have you believe, a burden on the majority of good law abiding prompt council taxpaying residents. You are in fact a victim of state sanctioned extortion with your council's top earning bosses paid this salary to ensure this racket remains covered up.

"Your account has been passed to bailiffs to enforce, we can no longer deal with your council tax, you must contact them"

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5. They cannot obtain a court order to gain entry and can only force entry if they have previously gained peaceful entry.

Some common ways a bailiff will attempt to defraud you, which should be reported to the Police:

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If at this stage you have no knowledge your car has been levied, you can safely ignore this notice without fear the bailiff will remove it. By law they must have left you with a Notice of Seizure of Goods and Inventory.

"I will re attend at your address at my convenience and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number to arrange prompt payment of your debt".


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Anyone forced to deal with the council's appointed enforcement agents as a result of their criminal actions (the bailiffs) will be familiar with this smug, arrogant dialogue. They're instructed to respond this way, unconditionally.

8. Do not sign anything that they might hand you, or put through your letterbox, you are not obliged to do this.

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levying a vehicle you don't own, and charging a fee, especially without your knowledge

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1) Request that the council put in writing that they're refusing an offer of payment

2) Completely ignore the council and make payment online, internet banking or whichever way you can pay funds directly into their account.

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An important thing to remember is who, exactly, is infringing upon whose civil liberties? You will already have been denied the right to a fair trial with the bogus court hearing. Another important thing to remember is that any contract the bailiff firm has, is with the council, not yourself. A reminder to this effect would tend to make the bearer of this obnoxious dialogue think again.

charging for the hire of a van to collect goods that have, either not been levied or the debtor is unaware goods have been levied, ie. they have not been issued a Notice of Seizure of Goods and Inventory

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