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Black Air Max 2015

Turning your iPhone/iPod touch off

Occasionally, you may find the need to turn your device off for a period of time. To do so, simply hold the Sleep/Wake Button until you see a bar that says "slide to power off." Slide the bar to power off the device.

Keep iTunes up to date

Resetting the Device

then connect and sync your device.

Check to make sure you're in an area with network coverage. Go to AT website to see network coverage areas.

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Black Air Max 2015

Abilene Christian University > Technology > Team55 > Basic Troubleshooting

Black Air Max 2015

´╗┐Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting If you begin experiencing problems with your device there are several troubleshooting options you can try before contacting support. Many of those are listed here:

access the webCheck to make sure you're in an area with coverageIf the device won't turn on, or if the display freezesIf the device isn't playing soundIf you can't purchase music from the iTunes Music StoreForce Quitting an ApplicationResetting the DeviceYou may also visit Apple's iPhone troubleshooting site for step by step help if you can't find what you need on this page.

get a message that no account information is found when you try to purchase music, open iTunes on your computer, sign in to your iTunes Store account, Nike Air Max 2015 For Girls

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After the battery has been drained it is important to keep the device charged. You can charge the device through a USB cable attached to a computer, or by using an adapter to plug it in a standard electrical outlet. Please allow several hours to fully charge the device.

Make sure airplane mode is not on. From the Home screen choose Settings, then turn airplane mode off. Try clicking the mic button on the headset to resume playback. If you Nike Air Max Thea White Sneakers

It is important to keep iTunes up to date, especially in regards to syncing properly with iTunes. By default, iTunes should automatically check for updates when it launches. See pages 2 3 for iTunes information.

You may need to Reset your device from time to time. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Wait until the Apple logo appears as your device restarts.

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Keep your battery charged

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Turning your iPhone/iPod touch OffKeep iTunes up Black Air Max 2015 to dateKeep your battery chargedTry the three R's to fix it. Reboot, Reset, and Restore. Reboot the iPhone or iPod touchReset the device preferencesRestore the iPhone or iPod touchIf you can't call, text message, or Nike Air Max Thea Print White

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Black Air Max 2015

If you have a problem with your device, try the three R's to fix it. Reboot, reset, and restore.

Force Quitting an Application

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Reboot the iPhone or iPod touch If you are having problems with the device, try rebooting the device. To turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider. From the Home screen choose Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. In iTunes, select your device and then press Restore on the Summary Tab. If there are no bars, or if it says "No service," try moving to a different location. If you're indoors, try going outdoors or moving closer to a window.

At times, you may find that an application on your device has frozen, hung, or simply is not working or closing. You can tell your device to force quit the application by holding the Home Button. After a few seconds the application should quit.

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