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"Our vaccine lacks the pathogenicity factor NS1. Due to this deletion, the vaccine is likely to show a superior safety profile. We are confident that the pandemic deltaFLU vaccine will be tolerated even at high doses," comments Thomas Muster, founder and CEO/CSO of Avir Green Hills Biotechnology.

After completion of phase I clinical trials, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology will start clinical phase II studies with the pandemic and the seasonal deltaFLU vaccines in 2009. Subsequently, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology plans to perform a phase III challenge trial against seasonal influenza, which will allow early proof of efficacy.

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Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Inc.

Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company based in Vienna, founded in 2002. Avir Green Hills Biotechnology's core competence is the development of innovative, therapeutic and prophylactic products against viral infections and cancer. "Our strength is our extensive know how in virology and our network of renowned national and international partners in academia Nike Air Max 2015 Review Women's

1. Nasal Spray

Though the vaccine looks like a pathogenic influenza virus to the body, it does not cause disease. However, after intranasal application, the vaccine stimulates a strong immune response, which offers protection against influenza. This cross reactivity can also provide protection against distantly related "drift variants" of pandemic influenza strains.

Biotechnology AG, Gersthofer Strasse 29 31, A 1180 Vienna, Austria Europe

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´╗┐Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Trade AG Release Start of Phase I Study for Intranasal Pandemic Influenza Vaccine deltaFLU

Preclinical Data, Pandemic Vaccine

Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDIX) Announces Positive Phase I/II Data of IDX899; Confirm Potent Antiviral Activity and Favorable Safety Profile in Treatment Naive HIV Infected Patients PCI Biotech Gains Approval for Phase I AmphinexTM Trial from Norwegian Medicines Agency

Answer Microbix Biosystems Inc. (MBXBF) to Build Flu Vaccine Plant in China

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differs from a conventional influenza vaccine in three major characteristics and in the method of production:

VIENNA, Austria, July 8 /PRNewswire/ Avir Green Hills Biotechnology starts a clinical phase I Cheap Air Max 2015 study with its intranasal vaccine deltaFLU against pandemic influenza. This novel generation of a live attenuated vaccine based on the deletion of the NS1 gene has shown superior preclinical data. In taking this step, the Viennese biotech company sets yet another milestone in the development of effective and safe vaccines.

The technology used by Avir Green Hills Biotechnology comprises a modern production method in cell cultures and does not rely on traditional egg based manufacturing. In addition, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology has optimized the method of reverse genetics, which permits the generation of a vaccine against any potential influenza virus within a very short period of time. This might be essential for a timely response in pandemic situations.

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and industry," says Joachim Seipelt, Co Founder and Vice President for Cooperation at Avir Green Hills Biotechnology.

The novel influenza vaccine deltaFLU

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2. Effective Immune Response

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Avir Green Hills Biotechnology Trade AG Release: Next Generation Nasal Spray Against Influenza: Clinical Phase I Study Started With FLUVACCdelNS1 Polyphor Successfully Completes Phase I Clinical Trials of POL6326

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Outstanding preclinical data show an excellent immune response even Nike Air Max Thea Gray

Solid Tumor Cells Not Killed By Radiation And Chemotherapy Become Stronger; Duke University Researchers Say Blocking HIF1 Could be the Air Max Thea Red White

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against distantly related pandemic H5 strains (cross protection). Moreover, a long lasting immune response an important prerequisite for an effective vaccine was observed.

"We are very pleased about the success of our vaccine in the preclinical studies. The data are superb and exceed our highest expectations," reports Andrej Egorov, who is Vice President for Research at Avir Green Hills Biotechnology and one of the leading experts in the field of live attenuated influenza vaccines.

MediGene AG (DX:MDG) Puts Clinical Phase I Study with RhuDex(R) on Hold Icagen, Inc. (ICGN) Successfully Completes Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose Clinical Trial of Senicapoc

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The vaccine is administered intranasally with a spray device instead of being injected into a muscle. This approach offers the major advantage of stimulating the vaccine protection directly at the site of virus entry.

4. Cell Based Production Method

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The randomized, double blind phase I study of the pandemic vaccine deltaFLU will be run at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Vienna. The aim of phase I study is to analyze the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in healthy volunteers.

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