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Knowing the BRCA 1 gene ran in her family she had attended hospital Nike Thea White Platinum

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"So again my family history acted in my favour."

"John and my mum were wonderful and I managed to keep studying right through my treatment. I think keeping so busy probably helped me as I didn't have time to worry about things too much."

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Nursery nurse Gill was diagnosed in February 2008, when she was just 35.

Gill said that when the tests revealed she did have cancer, her family including her husband, John, 43 were a fantastic support.

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"I was 15 when she was first diagnosed and I think she must have hidden a lot of what she was going through from my brother and I, as I don't remember too much about it. Now I know how hard things must have been for her and I know how brave she was." Gill says having a sense of humour is vital to anyone battling serious illness.

"My youngest son Euan was just 17 months old, his brother Duncan was only seven and my eldest son Calum, was just nine.

"I was studying full time to become a nursery nurse and I was too busy for cancer.

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Gill, 42, of Mid Calder, West Lothian, said: "When my mum appeared in the Record all those years ago, she spoke about our family history of breast cancer.

Gill said: "I found the lump while sitting at my computer. I had this pain under my arm and when I touched it to see what was sore I felt the lump.

Gill says her mum was, and continues to be, her inspiration.

probably partly because she knew exactly what I was going through.

"To me we had a strong history of breast cancer in our family but it was also a very positive family history.

WHEN Gill Robert's mother appeared in the Daily Record 19 years ago she said she feared her daughter would one day endure the misery of breast cancer.

"My mum, my aunt and my cousin had all survived breast cancer and knowing that gave me the strength I needed to keep positive.

"I was the only other female in the family, so I knew that if they had all had breast cancer there was a high chance I would too.

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"It made feel quite guilty that I wasn't as much help to mum when she was ill.

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"But, actually, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was that family history that helped me get through it.

told me she was never wrong about these things but said she would send me for further tests because of my family history.

´╗┐aunt and cousin had survived breast cancer gave me the strength to get through it

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"Being diagnosed with breast cancer was obviously an awful experience but I was grateful I had such positive role models."

for annual checks, including a mammogram every second year, in the hope of picking up any early signs.

But she found a lump under her arm just three months after a mammogram had shown no signs of the disease and she wasn't surprised when tests revealed breast cancer.

"I've heard lots of people say a lump that's sore won't be breast cancer but sadly, in my case, that simply wasn't true.

"I'd watched my mum go through breast cancer twice, her sister my aunt went through breast cancer twice and my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 29.

She said: "When Gray Air Max 2015 I was ill my mum was wonderful, Nike Air Max 2015 Orange And Pink

Jenny Findlay had lost her own mother to breast cancer, had twice been diagnosed with the disease herself and her sister had been struck down by the illness.

"My GP told me she was sure it was a cyst and Nike Air Max Thea Olive Green

She said: "Stupid though it sounds, one of my first reactions when I was told I did have breast cancer was that I just didn't have time for this.

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