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Many agents think they know what they are doing , they might even be real nice people but this is a game where the banks move the goal posts all the time.

to let agents do my short sales, so that may have something to do with it.

Also don ever put money down, Thats retarded!! if your going to pay cash at closing(or the equivalent PM/HM/Your own cash) simply provide a POF(proof of funds) letter

Mens Air Max 2015

2. Good Faith Deposit (nothing listed)

You would do well to get your money back and run because Nick spelled it out in very precise terms.

Also you better have your end buyer in placed and ready to go or else you better be ready to fork out the money and keep it. The listing agent doesn work for the bank, he/she is representing the seller and needs an offer in to submit it for a short sale.

Mens Air Max 2015

My cash buyers put up Mens Air Max 2015 POF (proof of funds) and we tie that property up for the price of one blank contract for as long as the bank wants to play dumb.

Jon, Thats typically true with traditional sales, but I never put a dollar down. I also refuse Nike Air Max Thea Id White

Mens Air Max 2015

Mens Air Max 2015

Mens Air Max 2015

you probably not do this deal until you are completely in understanding of how short sales work and what you do with them.

Mens Air Max 2015

1. Purchase Price $price listed

I guess I am getting confused because on the binder this is how it lists the terms

I just can get past putting any money down for a deposit or earnest money. I got 57 deals I working right now, can you imagine keeping track of all that money if I put 1k on each of them

3. Down pymt payable Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Red

4. Short sales can go on for a long time and all of my contracts say no deposit, no time periods to run, no obligation at all until the bank signs off on the deal in writing.

Mens Air Max 2015

Mens Air Max 2015

Even considering that, my best bird dogs are realtors and they get the listing and I put in offer and work the short sale my self while they looking for an end buyer.

Mens Air Max 2015

Before I go any further I need to quickly recommend that Air Max Tavas Size 15

´╗┐Avg down pymt for Short Sale

on formal contract (including above deposit) (3% listed)

Mens Air Max 2015

Mens Air Max 2015

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