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Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Lynn knows her neighborhoods, buyers, and investors well, not to mention those at the city'sDevelopment Assistance Center. She's built an impressive team that pulls off consistentreturns of 17 28% within 12 months, fromacquisition to happy homeowner(s) in Austin's trendiest of neighborhoods.

We want to stay connected with everyone who has attended BP since we launched back in January. Lynn's presentations (these last few months)have been outstanding and the contributions of everyone who's attended from the beginning makes this one of my favorite monthly meetings. Lots of Air Max 2015 Womens

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

As fortune would have it, we had two former BP podcast guest investors present at today's meeting, Lamar Cannon (Podcast 31) and Jon Klaus (Podcast 46). Does it get any better than that BP Nation?


What a great turn out we had this morning! I think I counted 18 total. Our biggest group yet.

I might also suggest the following two meetings that are well worth your time:

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

goal is to network our local group, as it grows, and make resources available online, including any future recordings.

The subject for our (South Austin Coffee Talk) will be evaluating lots for a new spec. build. A new spec. build is the logical plan for some lots and areas. What are some of Mens Nike Air Max 2015 the questions you need to answer in order to decide if it is the right plan for your project? These issues will be the focus of the discussions at our meeting. Lynn's office is at 1107 S. 8th. St., Austin, TX, 78704. See White Nike Air Max Thea Womens

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

local info, networking, Q case studies for both newbies and seasoned investors developing deals in the Austin MSA.

And, yes, that is Lynn getting fitted for a mic. This month, our BP meeting was videotaped, with plans to stream the meeting in the near future. We'll post the details for those of you interested in watching her presentation and the group's interaction (Q Those who have attended overthe past eight monthsknow thatwe have a sign in sheet. Our American Nike Air Max 2015

you in the conference room.

´╗┐August South Austin

Perhaps, we can schedule an evening mixer in the future. Gibsons Bar is a great place, right around the corner.

We also had a number of Austinnewcomers or localBPfirst timers at today's meeting, including new AustinitesEric Andrews Joe Shaffer (Greenhab Solutions), seasoned Austinites/investors Robert Piller, Robyn Roberts, Bill Fleming and a few of us who've been here more than once. If I missed you as a first timer, my apologies. I don't have the sign in sheet on hand.

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Maybe Google + ?? Any suggestions are welcomed.

No doubt, everybody came to hear the incomparable Lynn Currie speak about analyzing prospective homes lots for new buildsin her target zip codes 78704 03. As usual, she gave a very detailed presentation, examining a newproperty her realtor sent this morning. Her back of the napkin spreadsheet model proved just how quickly she's able to assess the profitability of any property for spec SFRs and Duplexes.

1)Wealth Investment Network (WIN) co sponsored byBryan Hancock, Ariel Castro, Lamar Odom Lynn Currie (all BP colleagues, listed by theirnames not their company names) > Amazing speakers! Meets in the evenings at the Mambo Mercury conference room (same location as BP). Not sure why I wrote Lamar Odom earlier in this post (meant Cannon). Is there a Lamar Odom I'm confusing him with here on BP? LOL

Thanks guys!

The morningtime slot doesn't work for everyone's schedule. Hopefully, we can use technology to solve this. Stay posted on how and where we'll make this happen online.

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

Mens Nike Air Max 2015

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