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When the cause of death is determined, and if it was something that was not preventable, would a license have saved the baby?

there are a million home daycares out there.

ok people, everyone is jumping all over home daycare, and asking why is allowed. a few people have Nike Air Max 2015 White Mens already mentioned the waiting list. did you know that 80% of children in ontario are in home daycares? So you want to wipe them out? good luck with that. Regulate them, do back ground checks and inspect them. they are needed and 90% of them are great people who pay better attention to your child then the people working at the daycare. i feel horrible for the parents but do you honesty think a child has never died or been seriously injured in a daycare why dont you just sit back and wait to see cause of death before painting every daycare provider with the same brush.

Second, we still do not know the cause of death. It has been determined there was no physical evidence on the baby, ie. bruising. Lets find out the cause before we hang this lady out to dry.

girl, but I also feel terrible for the lady who ran this daycare. Her life changed drastically that day, and it is so scary to think how one day can change everybodies life forever. This is not an issue about unlicensed home day cares, that has nothing to do with this awful tragedy. Death can happen anywhere and to anyone. From what I know, She happened to be running a great daycare from the few times I dropped off or picked up my niece and nephew. They never had a bad thing to say about her or the facility and I would have no problem leaving my own children there. As part of my job , I teach in daycares across the Greater Toronto Area and just because they are licensed does not mean they have great staff or superior facilities by any means. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this awful loss.

Because there are more Home daycares vs Daycare centers, there are going to be more incidents reported. I am sure if the daycare was not suitable, parents would not have left their children there.

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"[This] is another sad reminder of why the province needs Air Max Thea Junior Size 5

Nike Air Max 2015 White Mens

Nike Air Max 2015 White Mens

Her parents are suing the daycare owners and the province's Ministry of Education for $3.5 million, alleging an unsafe environment and inadequate inspections.

I know the lady who runs this daycare and I can tell you that she is a wonderful and caring care giver! I have personally observed her with her charges and was very impressed with her level of attention and just the way she interacted with her charges! She has a degree in her field and has years of experience in this industry! I don know how or why this happened, but I know she was one of the good ones! It is a tragedy, and such a great pity that this happened to a little baby! I have seen live in care givers(nannies) in this same neighbourhood that neglect the kids in their charge, are they regulated and licensed? There was one individual who was in charge of twin little boys, she always took them out with a wagon. I never saw her put on hats for them in the burning hot sun, they are red heads and turn beet red, but she let them fry! I also came across them once unattended outside a store, They are only about 2 years old! I waited for her and told her off! Nike Air Max Thea Red And Grey

"Months ago, New Democrats contacted the Ombudsman and he launched an investigation into how the government is handling complaints and investigations of unregulated daycares. I look forward to hearing his recommendations on how to improve safety conditions in home based daycares so that parents can be confident that their children are always in safe hands."

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I love when people comment on something they no nothing about.

I spoke to the store owners and they said she comes in every day for scratch cards! So do you know what your care giver is getting up to while you are away! We as parents need to do spot checks and surprise visits, relaxing because they are regulated and licensed is not the solution! Get your neighbours to check in on them, people around you to take notice! We are the parents after all!

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´╗┐Baby dies in unlicensed day care in Markham

yes unlicensed sounds like a random person is watching your child, in a terrible condition place. But, in reality the majority of home daycares are unlicensed. While obviously, I think ALL people and centres watching children should be licensed, unfortunately the government hasn't gotten "there" yet. And the spots for licensed places in this city are extremely scarce like 1 spot for every 21 children. It's impossible. I've been on three waiting lists for 15 months at licensed places and just got denied for all three. People are stuck having to go back to work, and have nowhere else to turn so it's a really bad situation out there. I am so sure the majority of people would rather send their children to licensed daycares, but the reality is, it's just not possible. The most you can do is be extremely diligent in checking out, reviewing, asking questions, following up, visits upon visits of the daycare you're enrolled in (licensed or unlicensed), and ensure everything is as safe as possible and hope nothing happens. =/

York region homicide detectives are investigating the death of a nine month old girl in an unlicensed day care in Markham, police confirmed on Friday. Wednesday, they were called to a home on The Meadows Avenue, near Highway 7 East and Ninth Line. There they found the baby, who had stopped breathing.

to do more to ensure our children's safety in home based daycares in Ontario," said NDP Children and Youth Critic Monique Taylor.

This was a tragedy and I feel terrible for the family of the baby Nike Nike Air Max Tavas Essential

What has happened is terrible. But lets make sure we actually know all the facts and the Law before we make stupid comments.

In July, a two year old named Eva Ravikovich died in a home daycare near Highway 407 and Dufferin Street in Vaughan.

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Nike Air Max 2015 White Mens

Nike Air Max 2015 White Mens

First of all, Unlicensed does not mean unsafe. It is ONTARIO LAW, a daycare provider does not have to be licensed when you take care of up to 5 kids under the age of 5.

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