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The county's code enforcement department cited Pond last year for keeping a dozen hens on his half acre property. The county requires two acres to keep chickens.

´╗┐Backyard Chickens founder cites commissioner s actions in ethics complaint

This is what Cobb County considers following the Sunshine Laws:

Quoting from the county's code, Pond said, "No officer shall give preferential treatment to any person."

"She told people who opposed the hearing they had the opportunity to speak," Pond said. "She should have shared the same information with those that supported chickens and those that didn't support chickens. She didn't show impartiality."

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Rainey said he expects to know more as to when the ethics board would consider Pond's Nike Air Max Thea Print Black

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Nike Air Max For Girls 2015

Nike Air Max For Girls 2015

You think it is responsible for Elected Officials to share your e mails with local civic groups to work against you? Is it responsible to for your commissioner to lie to you, to stalk you on Facebook? Variances should be taken very seriously, and not tampered with by elected officials.

He maintains and has included a number of emails he says support his argument that Birrell collaborated with his neighbor, Carole Kell, mother of Cobb Superior Court Judge Tain Kell, to prevent him from obtaining a variance.

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Nike Air Max For Girls 2015

The Commissioners take an oath of office, and are required to follow a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states that no officer shall give preferential treatment to any person, and officers by Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

county does not maintain a central record of all email communications. So we have to search on the local machine. If an email has been deleted then it would not show up in our search of the local machine once the contents of the deleted files have been emptied.

In furtherance of its responsibility to protect the integrity of government and administration of the county and recognizing that its system of representative government is dependent upon the people maintaining the highest trust in their public officials, the board of commissioners finds and declares that the people have a right to be assured that the impartiality and independent judgment of public officials will be maintained. Public interest requires that the county protect against improper influence or the appearance of improper influence by establishing appropriate ethical standards with respect to the conduct of public officials.

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Whether you want the chickens yourself, or not wanting them living next door is inconsequential here. This is about your Country's Laws and due process. We must hold our elected officials responsible for the choices and actions they make. If we continue to allow them to slip on how to govern we will all slide down the hill quicker and quicker until we have no rights left. From my understanding it takes an enormous amount of effort to even file the claim. That in itself should be a red flag and warning sign.

"She failed to show impartiality," Pond said. "She gave preferential treatment to Carole Kell by working against my variance request."

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supporters of backyard chickens emailed her.

their conduct should avoid the appearance of impropriety. All I ask is that the Commissioners do their job properly look after all of their district, not just a select few.

At the same time, Rainey said Pond has informed him he intends to send more information.

Pond said the results of an Open Records Request show that when it came to people opposing backyard chickens, Birrell alerted them by email to the opportunity to speak out on the Nike Air Max For Girls 2015 matter during the public comment portion of the commission's meeting. Yet she remained silent when Nike Air Max Thea Metallic Rose Gold

accusations by early next week.

Rainey said he was reviewing the documents to determine whether they met the threshold of a complaint. The ethics code requires anyone who files a complaint to file affidavits supported by personal knowledge of the topic at hand to prevent someone from filing without substance, he said.

"What I have been forwarded by the clerk thus far is not supported by any affidavits based on personal knowledge, so I question whether a complaint has been filed," Rainey said.

The maximum penalty for an ethics violation is reprimand or censure, he said.

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To that end, on Tuesday he filed a complaint against Birrell with the county's seven member ethics board, which is chaired by Mike Patellis.

MARIETTA Joseph Pond of the Backyard Chickens Alliance believes Commissioner JoAnn Birrell violated the county's ethics code by failing to show impartiality on a variance case about his backyard chickens.

The Commissioners are free to purge their e mails of whatever they want, and no one would be the wiser, according to this e mail I received from a Cobb County official. This is not about poultry; it's about wolves, sheep

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