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Just make sure you have a good attorney or title company and document everything.

If you are doing a double closing, FHA will not work at all, as they require at least 90 if not 180 days title seasoning depending on a few factors.

I wouldn ever do an assignment or double closing unless I knew 99.99% that my buyer would close, however if your buyer fails then delay closing a few days and just make sure you have plan B in place to buy the property yourself. Make sure you close before the deadline so you have time to put your plan B in place before the contract expires.

If you are doing an assignment, your buyer should be cash or hard money only. Conventional lenders will not allow it at all. You can just forget doing an assignment at all, unless your buyer is using Hard Money or Cashola.

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

I have had good luck with getting properties U/C in the name of an LLC and then selling the interest in that LLC. I buy an LLC for $50 on the Colorado Secretary of State website for each property that I wholesale. I not had a bank refuse any of my contracts.

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

If you have a cash buyer let them bring the cash and secure them with a security deed to close the deal. Afterwards deed your interest over to the investor for the assignment fee.

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

There all kinds of ways to structure deals.

allowing you/your investor to assign a contract?

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

Anyone have any success in a bank Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Womens

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

As FHA buyers are a major part of my market, I have been trying to figure out a way around the seasoning issues.

´╗┐Banks That Allow Assignment of Contract

out of your interest.

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I thought this thread was worth revisiting as several months have passed since the last post.

A strategy I have been experiementing with is Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women the use of a quitclaim deed to mark transfer of title earlier in the process. Has anyone used a quitclaim deed Double Closed to a FHA buyer?

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

I think this is no longer a viable option for most lenders. Anyone have any recent successful assignments close?

they know an investor is the buyer. My strategy is to not inform them I am an investor, but just a regular joe homebuyer. Has anyone else used this strategy recently?

You could also amend your contract with the bank to add add your buyer to the contract. Close the deal and then quitclaim your interest after you close. I added partners to my contracts after the contracts were accepted and haven had a problem with that. As long as everything matches up between whats on the contract and who closes it then there no problems and no fraud.

This is the main strategy I use. However, it lacks the ability to market to FHA buyers which are a large portion of the market in my locale.

Nike Air Max Shoes 2015 For Women

The lenders I deal with (CW) (BofA) Citi) are not as open to discounts when Nike Air Max Thea White Sale

Sign a contract with your investor to sell your half interest contigent upon you two buying it in the first place and after closing sell the other investor your interest for whatever the agreed assignment fee would be and quitclaim Nike Air Max Tavas Sunset

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