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´╗┐AWS Case Study

True, though the ELB also does some simple buffering of HTTP requests.

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happen if there's another EBS outage that would take out a lot of your MongoDBs. Would you just recreate them from the very latest S3 backups?

with help from Heroku and JustinTV, which I then taught to Amazon and AWS, is still the one AWS is highlighting today (and presumably teaching their customers). It's an amazing feeling to see your work live on beyond your involvement. They flew me up to Seattle to teach Amazon retail how to move to AWS back when retail had just started that process. My guess is this is either nginx caching, a holdover from the pre aws architecture or a measure to keep the system decoupled from ELB?

DoS attacks from slow client connections. Unicorn is not designed to be exposed to the outside world; it needs a reverse proxy that does request buffering, like nginx (which the Unicorn docs recommend).

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I realize the diagram is likely heavily over simplified, but what's the reason for the nginx layerprobably to load balance between unicorn instances in the particular amazon EC2 instance

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We use nginx for serving static files and doing some trivial top level routing. Haproxy is for load balancing among families of unicorn app servers.

I can't speak for Parse, but I've come up with something similar in the past. Nginx/HAproxy as a combo is far more flexible than the ELB alone, you might want to use it for rate limiting, better load balancing algorithms, better logging, tweaking headers, handling errors, or controlling buffer sizes for example.

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Can you tell us more about RAID10 comment?Are you doing RAID0 now instead for disk volumes?What would Air Max Thea Cream

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Nike Air Max Tavas 39

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