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won a claim against Samsung for mimicking "bounce back" behaviorFalse. Patents don't cover features. Patents cover inventions. Apple won against samsung for copying apple's solution for how to implement a feature. I remember seeing a number of patents involved in the case, just haven't read Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

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´╗┐be willing to pit against the iPhone

They single handedly dragged the smart phone market across the chasm, just like they did with the MP3 player market. Brilliant and gorgeous work. But not in areas that I think are deserving of patent protection except when the R Nike Air Max Tavas Black On Feet drives some deeper technical innovation.

different models of the Palm Treo and the Wince Treo, I can assure you I was desperate to use the iPhone because it just worked. Sure the Treo exceeded the original iphone on many different features, but none of them worked. The software was awful, it crashed all the time, you couldn't receive calls b/c the software would crash, none of the apps worked well, and the internet was completely unusable. It would seem terrible now, but compared to the options then, I was very happy. Internet! In my pocket!I do think the PalmOS was showing its age at the time, and a bad app or extension could cause a lot of trouble. But having used PalmOS for years, getting things reasonably stable wasn't hard for me. The Treo was a solid nerd smartphone for me.

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This is a joke, right? Having used three Nike Air Max 2015 Reflective

Nike Air Max Tavas Black On Feet

But you have to be pretty blind to not see that iPhone was a revolution in the smartphone market, which had barely seen any user interface innovation in 10 years prior to that.

Pull to refresh is patented by Twitter, and Apple has bought a license (apparently, since it'll apparently be implemented in iOS 6).

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Nike Air Max Tavas Black On Feet

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Yeah initially it wasnt made to support 3rd party apps he expected everyone to innovate on the web. That's why they concentrated so much on making Safari great. All the developers wanted native apps and eventually it brought the app store to life.

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Yeah fair enough, I just know that I could never get the internet to be useful. The email in my pocket was OK, but the Blackberry did it much better. The Apps were trying, but they just couldn't quite get there. I remember the whole frustration of the experience was because the Treo was so close to being a nice phone and yet literally so far away from being there. I was also an original Handspring user, so very familiar with the PalmOS, but that was another major annoyance nothing had changed since my Handspring in 2001! Sigh.

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I guess you misread my comment. I was criticizing the comparison of feature phones with the iPhone not comparing iPhones with smartphones. It's a big difference.

Nobody are claiming Apple invented phones with big screens.

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them. My comment was certainly a generalization.

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I'm pretty sure this was a patent infringement lawsuit, so the statement that the "iPhone was a revolution" is irrelevant. I'm not about to look either lest I be found willfully infringing.

If the iPhone would have been the first smartphone you could probably call it revolutionary. But you can't. Evolution ok, Better as the competition at the time of release ok. I'll grant you that already. I was using a Palm Treo smartphone four years before the iPhone came out. A solid phone, the Internet in my pocket, email on the go, and plenty of apps. The Palm app market went back to 1997, when the PalmPilot first came out. Air Max 2015 Kids

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