Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

For every statistic that someone can show them as lovable and huggable then another can show the exact opposite.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

Insurance companies do not want to insure pit bulls or buildings with them for a reason. Insurance companies go by the numbers, claims , and statistics to determine the risk in underwriting policies. It's not personal for them it's just business. When you own property you need to be thinking of what makes the most business sense. Do some pit bulls get a bad rap? I am sure they do. Everything in life gets stereotyped in one way shapeor form. When you own one property as a landlord that is a house it's notas big of an issue but still risky. When you have tons of tenants within the same building or buildings everything is amplified that much more. You can't ignore the needs of the groupfor the benefit of one.

About a month ago I started working with a local broker who is also a property manager for our investors. He has been doing this for 28 years so I learn so much. Here's what I learned just last week.

We received a call into our office from a neighbor to one of our properties that our tenants had a pit bull at the home. Upon checking their lease they were not to have any kind of pet at the home. For our tenants that do, our company charges them a yearly $250 fee. This is not a deposit but a fee for simply having the luxury of a pet at the home. These particular tenants had not paid this fee or let us know of any kind of pet at the property.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

I went back to my office and wrote them a letter stating they would be billed the $250 pet fee and that the dog must go immediately. I also would do a walk through this week to assess any damage done by the dog that would be billed now. One of the tenants got the letter ("nasty gram", as we call them) and called to cuss me out and tell me that he was not going to pay and that he would sue us. The letter should letthem know the problem, what is going to happen because of it andwhat they have to do to remedy the situation otherwise face the consequences which in this case is eviction.

Right and she doesn't live there shejust comes by often! lol

4) Don't back down whenthey call to cuss you out. Simply let them vent and stand your ground.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

the dog must go. She asked "why, she's a nice dog, chipped and all." I told her that didn't matter. Our insurance doesn't allow vicious dogs and there is also a city ordinance against them.

Let's not turn this into a pit bull debate and politics as it has been discussedat length in the past.

for all either. Don't put a blanket statement out that is including your fellow investors and other good people. I admit I used to not trust Pits because I only knew what I heard. But after working with many in rescue and adopting one myself, I've changed my mind. It's not an "experiment" either.

Also, a lot of them are lazy couch potatoes, so unless they are young, wild and untrained, they do no more damage than other dogs. Please don't feed into the media hype. I just ask not to put out blanket statements and not continue to spread misinformation.

On a personal note, I'd like to add as a Pit Bull owner myself, that it is not always a "culture" thing. It's not a status symbol Air Max Thea Grey Nubuck

practice. The point is the landlord decides what and what is not acceptable for a tenant to move in as long as it's within the landlord tenant laws. The tenant then decides to violate the lease and then justify it with tons of reasons. Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather They work so hard to not pay therent and game the landlord that if they just put an ounce of that energy in their life intosomething good their whole world would change for the better.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

I have had up to 20 tenants at once before I have heard this crap and more many times over. With many tenants it's a cultural statement to have a pit. The issue is those dogs cause massive damage inside a property. The dog barks outside and neighbors do not want them so tenants hide insideand the dog tears up the place trying to get out.

So I went to see if I could see evidence of a dog at the home. Ithen rang the doorbell. No one answered. I saw some neighbors out across the street and went to talk with them. They started spilling the beans that "Oh yes they have a pit bull that jumps the fence and runs around the neighborhood." Upon telling me this someone came to the door, thus the neighborsinstantly stopped sharing info. Bummer.

I have had varying animals all my life so know a lot about them. Some of my friends are general practicevets or own theiremergency Air Max Camo 2015

´╗┐be sure to talk with neighbors

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

It is a fact that in many casesit is a status symbol to lower income tenants. Some will even attach a large linked chain to a collar with spikes to make themselves look "bad". None of that is the animals fault it just is what it is. There are many other breeds not just pits that it's not good to have them from a landlord view. As for what would landlords do with pet deposits it's hard to say because every state has varying rules on things you can't or can do with regard to expenses.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

I went back across the street to speak with who was at the door. She was not the tenant but just a sister and yes it was her dog. I told her Mens Nike Air Max 2015 Running

Who else has some great advice on this topic or similar ones?"She was not the tenant but just a sister and yes it was her dog."

Be ready to evict for Breach of Lease if needed. Definitely stand your ground like you mentioned. Some people try to bully and intimidateothers to get their way.

Nike Air Max Tavas Blue Leather

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