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The C 141 on display at the Aviation Wing Air Max Thea Size

Mortin calculated that he logged 1,600 hours flying C 141s.

Lockheed and its predecessor, the Bell Bomber plant, Air Max Thea Black Dark Grey White Print

was the first C 141 prototype of the stretch program, which increased the plane's cargo capacity by lengthening the fuselage, said retired Lockheed engineer Bill Paden, who was 25 years old when he worked on the aircraft's design.

Cox said the Aviation Wing is in the process of finding a way to transport a Korean Air Max Tavas White Black

War era F 84F Thunderstreak fighter bomber from Calhoun. It is also looking at a T 33 Shooting Star jet in Lockheed's inventory.

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are what made Cobb County the thriving community it is now by bringing the aeronautics industry and jobs to town, Cox said.

"The government had abandoned it and told them to dispose of it," he said.

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A typical 16 day trip involved flying to Dover, Del., to pick up cargo to fly to Alaska, he said. The C 141s constantly kept moving the cargo, so Mortin and his crew would rest for eight hours before hopping aboard the next C 141 to land.

It measures 168 feet 4 inches long, 39 feet 3 inches high and could reach speeds up to 567 miles per hour. The maximum take off weight was 342,100 pounds.

It's just one of a few aircraft the Aviation Wing has recently acquired or is in the process of acquiring for its exhibit collection. Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Junior In 1968, after serving in Vietnam as an Air Force pilot, the Michigan native completed 8 weeks of C 141 training at Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma. He was then stationed in January 1969 in Warner Robins, near Macon.

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Volunteers, many of them retired Lockheed workers, donate their talents to restoring the aircraft. Richard Ingalsbe, owner of Cobb Erectors, has played a key role in bringing the C 141 back to life.

As the saying goes, one man's junk is another man's treasure. The Aviation Wing jumped at the chance to call the C 141 its own and put it on display for aviation enthusiasts. A number of museum visitors have walked inside the cavernous plane, said banker Joe Daniell, a museum board member.

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The C 141 was first introduced in the mid 1960s and retired several years ago. They were in constant use during the Vietnam War, transporting everything from soldiers, supplies and jeeps to Southeast Asia and returning casualties back home. action since 1964. They were used in Hanoi to return American POWs in 1973. And it was a C 141 that brought the hostages home from Tehran, Iran, in 1981, according to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center.

´╗┐Aviation wing of museum prepping C 141 for exhibit

It was discovered in Lockheed's inventory, worn out and not worth fixing, said Paden, an Aviation Wing member.

In total, 285 of them were produced.

He and a crew of about six other men were responsible for transporting supplies, ammunition and other items across the world in the C 141.

"If it fit on an airplane, we'd haul it," said Mortin, 67. But "you always had jet lag."

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Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Junior

Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Junior

Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Junior

"All of us old timers are proud of this aircraft plant," he said. "The plant brought Georgia out of the cotton fields."

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Most of the aircraft on display at the museum were donated by the Air Force or Navy, said Dan Cox, Marietta Museum of History founder. Competition among museums and others who seek the planes is tough, he said.

MARIETTA The Aviation Wing of the Marietta Museum of History is putting the finishing touches on one of its newer exhibits. For about a year, a Lockheed C 141 Starlifter has called the Aviation Wing museum on Atlanta Road and South Cobb Drive home. However, the old strategic airlifter has just been refitted with wings and will soon be repainted to look like it did when it rolled off Lockheed Martin's assembly line in the late 1960s.

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