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As time went by the seller realized that my offers were the only ones still on the offer table. All my other investor competition moved on and gave up on this seller.

´╗┐Be The Last Real Estate Investor

Some of the strongest and most valuable real estate advice, mentors, and connections I have made came from local and national real estate investor seminars and club meetings.

10% of sales are made on the fourth contact

In addition this home was being sold post real estate collapse and while there was a void of bank qualified buyers available, there were plenty of seller financing buyers with down payments waiting and ready to own. This property needed a correct advertising plan and to be sold via owner financing for a quick profitable resale.

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Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

different offers every time we spoke. As the seller situation changed I morphed my offers to better suit her needs.

3. Be The Last to Leave:

I was the 5th investor to see a seller beautiful 2 story newly built 2,300 square foot home for sale. The seller had been trying to sell her vacant property unsuccessfully for 4 Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height months without the help of any Realtor or agents. The house was very clean and move in ready.

I made hundreds of errors that lost me money, time, and deals along the way. I was consistently told I would fail by close friends and even family members. I was my loudest and constant supporter.

interested in these offers currently but to check back with her in a few weeks. I did just that.

The world is full of people who quit. A study I remember hearing years ago that frightened me terribly was that over 90% of people interested in real estate investments never close their first real estate investment deal.

By the time we said bye the seller was clear on how I could help purchase her sell her home and how I could not help her. While I was at the home I made the seller 2 purchase offers, a low cash purchase offer and a purchase subject to the mortgage with some seller carry back financing included.

Be your 1 cheerleader and know that if anyone else has had the success you wish to achieve there is no reason why you can follow in their success. Be the last to give up on yourself each day.

Over the course of 90 days I followed up with this seller making Nike Air Max Tavas Leather Running Shoes

talking to sellers.

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

We ended up closing 4 months later with a Master Lease Option to take control. With persistence and determination I was able to gain control of the property that others could not. My secret was being the last to give up on this seller.2% of sales are made on the first contact

As I was the last investor to see the property and my purchase offers were conservative at best, I believed there was little chance that my offer(s) would be accepted.

The seller two biggest hurdles to overcome were properly marketing the houseand advertising for the right typeof buyers. This home was located off the beaten path so drive by traffic was almost non existent.

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

78% of sales are made on the 5th to twelfth contact

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Everyone gave up on my dreams and my ability to succeed except me. Thousands of time you could have already given up but you continue forward. Congratulations to you! Continue forward and never give up on yourself or your future.

2. Be The Last To Lose Faith:

During the beginning of my investing career I looked 15 years old. I had little idea what I was doing when I was Nike Women Air Max Thea Se

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

On our first meeting together the seller and I talked for more than 2 hours. We discussed friends, family, vacations, hobbies, work, business, the property, and more.

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Why does this failure happen when people have such good intention and ambition when starting out??

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Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

Nike Air Max Tavas Heel Height

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