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´╗┐Autism experts conclude tour help families

Day to day, Lawson receives 14 hours of constant therapy, including speech, relationship interaction and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Nike Air Max Tavas Se Black White He has visited medical doctors up and down the east coast. As a result, he takes an array of vitamins, minerals and other medicines, which his family says have significantly helped.

MARIETTA The spring conference of the Autism Research Institute concludes today in Cobb County, having brought some of the most respected experts on the developmental disorder to the county. But for families with autistic children, the daily trials continue.

One of them is 8 year old Lawson Scarborough of east Cobb, the second of three boys in his family, who suffers from speech problems and is incapable of holding a conversation, his mother said.

ARI Director Dr. Steve Edelson, who has conducted autism research for 30 years, said past conferences focused on biomedical problems associated with autism because few others in the field would discuss such. However, the fact that there are medical issues related to autism is no longer a question of debate, he said.

"I guess now the debate is how do you treat those medical problems?" Edelson said.

"We need a lot more treatments, but there are treatments out there that have been documented to help," Edelson said.

"Our quality of life has improved a million percent. It was really tough and is still tough," Leigh Scarborough said.

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many insurance companies don't cover related treatments, families grappling with autism are often stuck paying out of pocket.

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While the Scarboroughs are distrustful of vaccination and contend they would have taken their chances against the measles compared to autism, the Miree family is somewhere in the middle of the debate.

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"We received a lot of feedback, especially from parents, that when they put time aside and travel to our conferences, they want to hear more. So we actually have talks on education, dealing with insurance, sensory problems, treating behavioral problems and diets. And for the first time at our conference, we have one day dedicated to adults who have autism."

Its aim is to guide parents on how best to help their autistic children, educate clinicians on how to best treat patients using an evidence based approach and to inform the community about the latest and most promising research findings. around the same time the conference was in town, but postponed it until later this year, according to conference organizers. The current rate of autism is estimated to be about one in 110 children.

to what's been called an autism epidemic.

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Such is the case with east Cobb residents Mark and Christie Miree, whose 7 year old twin boys, Joshua and Zachary, are severely autistic and non verbal. They too provide a lot of therapy for their two oldest children, including up to 40 hours a week of what is called Acquired Behavior Analysis therapy.

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However, there are likely many causes for multiple types of autism, according to the CDC, which include environmental, biologic and genetic factors.

"It's very expensive to provide that much private, one on one therapy for two children," said Christie Miree, 42, a Southern Company employee. He husband Mark, 43, works in sales.

In Georgia, there are about 250,000 children affected by autism, according to the Marcus Autism Center, an Atlanta not for profit organization.

The conference conducted a number of sessions, workshops and seminars devoted to many facets of the autism, with the hope of helping families navigate conflicting information. Instilling hope is key, said organizers.

"Some people feel that autism is untreatable that it's entirely genetic and there's nothing you can do," Edelson said.

"I'm not anti vaccine but I also don't believe every child is going to react the same way," Christie Miree said. "It's not safe to apply any drug to every member of the population safely. I don't know why we would think vaccines would be different."

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The ARI's biannual conference brings together physicians, researchers and parents interested in finding effective treatments for autism. More than 800 people from around the world were expected to attend the four day conference that has been held at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel, adjacent to the Cobb Galleria Centre.

Nevertheless, such controversial issues and other topics that may not widely get discussed are why the ARI conference is important to those who must deal with a disorder that is largely a mystery several decades after it was identified by Womens Nike Air Max Thea Shoes

doctors, Edelson said.

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Among parents of autistic children, as well as some experts, a debate has raged on over at least one controversial study that suggested childhood vaccines may contribute Nike Thea Beige Tumblr

There is currently no cure for autism, which can last throughout a person's life. The CDC calls autism an "urgent public health concern." More people than ever before have been diagnosed with autism, however it remains uncertain whether that's a result of an increase of the illness or an improved ability to diagnose it.

"(Before) he would jump off the bed like 50 times, get up on the bed and jump off, get up and jump off. Constantly crashing himself on the floor. I had trouble with him in parking lots because he would run away from me. He had sensory issues so that he didn't like a little drop of water on his shirt. He would get upset and take all his clothes off."

The biggest misconception about autism is that it's untreatable, Edelson said.

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"Verbally, he's probably still functioning at a fairly low level," said Leigh Scarborough, 42, a homemaker. Her husband Charles, 43, is employed by Cox Enterprises.

"There are many parents who've told me they've talked to the pediatrician and the pediatrician says, 'Just bring your child home and love him or her. And that's the best you can do.' I know for many years, and still today, they often suggest that parents consider institutionalizing their child."

Even before his rather late diagnosis at age 4, his parents Charles and Leigh Scarborough, knew he had developmental problems. They have since done all they can to help their homeschooled son cope with his disorder.

But there is quite a bit of research that shows various treatments work, Edelson said. A lot of the latest research on autism has dealt with the medical issues often associated with the disorder, such as gastrointestinal problems and mitochondrial disorders. Focus has also been given to environmental problems associated with heavy metals and pesticides.

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