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"We knew he was diabetic, and that is a huge issue for law enforcement," he said. "We did what we thought we had to do to help locate a potentially medically distressed 12 year old male."

Implemented in August 2009 and managed by the county, the CodeRED, or reverse Air Max Thea Mint

I'm not buying what the police are selling. This kid went missing around 2 PM and they didn't think to send out the until after midnight. And supposedly it was to go to homes within a six mile radius. What bunk! I got the call at 12:27 AM, yet my next door neighbor never received the call and she lives close to East Cobb Middle.

Apparently the Police can never make you complainers happy about anything. If you don't like the system then get rid of your phone or move out of Cobb. At least they tried and that's alot more than I can say for most of you. You just have to have something to moan and groan about don't you. Maybe your time would be better spent helping someone that is in need than writing these stupid complaint post!!!!! Can't wait to read your posts about the Police Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13 when you need them or when they lock your sorry cans up.

If the police was truly concerned about a medically distressed 12 year old male, they should have responded sooner and sent out the alert sooner. maybe when people were actually awake and able to help locate this boy.

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Pierce said it was uncertain whether the calls led to finding the child or not. He did not say who specifically ordered the alert.

When initiating an alert, officials can define the message and its reach based on geography or to include the whole county.

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Cobb's CodeRED database contains about 227,000 home and business telephone numbers.

Yes, a child was missing. No, I could do nothing at 1:00 am to be of assistance. The child was at a FRIEND'S HOUSE! Granted, he had diabetes. But, in my household, elderly parents have medical issues that are serious, also. So please, balance the needs of the citizens of Cobb with your need to show off a new alert system and DO NOT call my house again at 1:00 in the morning! I do not need in the future to have to tell you of a heart attack you caused when you woke up a 90 year old who had no idea it was a computer and was terrified someone in her precious family had come to a tragic end. Be more sensitive!

County spokesman Robert Quigley said the department of public safety along with Police Chief John Houser and 911 Director Tony Wheeler are assessing the sequence of Tuesday night's events "to make sure we have the right process in place for situations such as this one."

Nearly two hours after hundreds of Cobb Nike Thea Black And Grey

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

County residents received late night automated phone calls alerting them of a missing child, the 12 year old Nike Air Max For Women 2015

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

I do NOT appreciate being woken up at 12:27 AM. Somebody needs to better manage this system.

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

boy was found at a friend's home. Wednesday. via Nixle, an opt in emergency message service used by county and city public safety departments.

Don't give me a sob story about, if that was your child? Wouldn't you feel differently? You are only trying to distract the public from the real issue at hand. and in need of fixing. The gist of the complaints against this robo call are still valid, even if the situation concerned a missing child. I used to work with GEMA and FEMA on disaster notification/recovery systems. In the right hands, technology can be your friend. In the wrong hands, it becomes a more effective way to be a nuisance. Let's face it. 64K people woken up in the middle of the night, some not even in the intended coverage area, is inexcusable. Whomever manages this system needs to be strongly persuaded to ensure that doesn't happen again. And it wouldn't hurt if some common sense was applied in the future.

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

911, system is used to alert residents during emergency situations using landline telephones.

Because the system does not call all phone numbers simultaneously, residents got the calls at varying times.

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

Cobb Police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said investigators felt compelled to reach out to as many people as possible because of the child's medical condition.

´╗┐Automated system behind missing child calls

Nike Air Max Tavas Size 13

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