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I feel that I have the skill set to be a good commercial broker, but of course, I have no experience so it difficult to say.

´╗┐Becoming a commercial agent

and experience) or will they just have you doing clerical type tasks? If you get to participate to some extent in deals (as a real trainee rather than a glorified clerk) than the brokerage experience can be very attractive.

I wanted to field opinions on trying to work a bit part time, and just be an agent for family, friends, and my own investments. Or should I take a leap Nike Air Max Shoes For Men 2015

certain I want to leave the good career job that I currently have at the bank. At the same time, this could be a great opportunity to learn from someone very knowledgeable and get a foot in the door in the commercial real estate market here, which is hard to break into.

A tough career choice for someone my age.

A lot depends on your career opportunities at the bank. Are you in lending, operations, or investment management? If you Nike Air Max Tavas Women are on an operations career path, the real estate brokerage job would be hands down a much quicker entry into real estate investing.

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Nike Air Max Tavas Women

Nike Air Max Tavas Women

Nike Air Max Tavas Women

If you are on the lending side, the answer might not be as clear cut. Will the commercial brokerage have you participating in deals (up to your ability Nike Air Max Thea Anthracite

First you should change your name in your BP settings to only give your last initial. It isnt good to tip your hand in public.

Nike Air Max Tavas Women

I supposed to meet this broker for lunch this week. Any specific questions to ask? I do not want to simply be his paper pusher, I want to learn from him.

Two, more than likely he can open doors for you that will further your own pursuits. Being a top dog in any business means the owner knows the right people and is capable. By you knowing, and working for this person, ought to go a long way to establishing your network.

What do you want? It does not matter what I would do because we are not the same person.

Hello, this is my first post, i come across an opportunity to be a commercial real estate agent and want to field opinions.

If it were me, I would embrace this opportunity for a couple reasons.

One, you would be working for the actual broker, not some underling. You stated he has been the top commercial broker for the past 4 years in your area. I dare say he can teach you a LOT more real world experience then you would learn in the same time by working for a bank.

Thanks for the replies. Your points are well taken.

I torn because im not Air Max Thea Red And Grey

These kinds of oppurtunities are not offered to everyone, and sitting at the right hand of a SUCCESSFUL professional is worth more than your degree.

It really comes down to "what do you want to be when you grow up". If the answer is banker, employee or manager of a major corporation, than the bank is the better choice. If the answer has to do with "deal making", then the real estate company may represent an opportunity too good to pass up!

He said that I may place my license with him and work part time. He also offered me a position as an assistant he offered to match my current salary (about 35k) as a base salary and said I can earn commissions on top of that.

What would you do? Switch careers already and take a unique opportunity to potential get into the commercial brokerage circle sin my town, or stick to the original plan or doing real estate agency part time.

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That being said, I see myself being much more interested in deal making I love crunching numbers, looking at deals, thinking about strategy, etc.

and switch careers already even though i been working at the bank for less than a year (recent graduate). Although my bank salary is not incredibly high, I have no doubt that it will increase substantially and be a great career over the long term.

I contacted a brokerage that is widely viewed as the biggest commercial brokerage in my area. I spoke directly with the broker who said that he is actually looking for an assistant to mentor. This particular broker is easily the biggest commercial broker in the area, the local MLS statistics show him having the highest gross sales in the region for the last 4 consecutive years.

I will make certain that I am not signing up to be a glorified clerk, I want to participate in deals. I was offered an entry level salary because i had no work experience, no other great job prospects in the area, and ultimately no leverage in the situation. Is this a good idea if done professionally?

However, seeing as you were already studying real estate on your own time, plan to invest in it, and have this oppurtunity, I would say go for it.

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I am a recent college grad, with a good job at a local bank. I am taking real estate licensing classes and was calling around to brokers in order to figure out where I wanted to place my license. I had planned on being an agent only part time, for supplemental income, to gain experience, and cut down on transaction costs for my own investments.

Like Anthony said, if you don like it, you should be able to go back to banking with a resume that looks even better.

I am currently on the operations/management path at the bank. But I am in a pretty good position in that regard, i am not just in a processing function.

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I think this opportunity provides me the leverage to professionally approach HR and ask for a specific raise, if the bank is not compliant then ill likely take the commercial agency opportunity.

The fact he match your salary, and you can earn commissions, makes this almost a no brainer.

Nike Air Max Tavas Women

Seize the day, go and get his experience. If you want to go back to banking, I think it would only help your resume and put you in a much better position in the banking industry.

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