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Aa shopper walks down the canned soup aisle at a grocery store in Cincinnati.

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The food industry has already made some reductions, and has prepared for government action since a 2010 Institute of Medicine report said companies had not made enough progress on making foods less salty.

In some cases just removing added salt or switching ingredients does the trick. Potassium chloride can also substitute for common salt (sodium chloride), though too much can cause a metallic taste.

restaurant meals.

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Levels of sodium in food can vary widely. According to the Womens Nike Air Max Thea Print Running Shoes

reduce Nike Air Max Thea Beige Print levels to the same as the companies that make the lower sodium products," said Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

´╗┐awaited plan to reduce salt

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Americans eat about 1 teaspoons of salt daily, about a third more than the government recommends for good health and enough to increase the risk of high blood pressure, strokes and other problems. Most of that sodium is hidden inside common processed foods and restaurant meals.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sodium in a slice of white bread ranges from 80 milligrams to 230 milligrams. Three ounces of turkey deli meat can have 450 milligrams to 1,050 milligrams.

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Nike Air Max Thea Beige Print

Most sodium doesn't come from the salt shaker, but is hidden inside common processed foods and Nike Air Max Thea Running Shoes Review

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Health groups would prefer mandatory standards, but say voluntary guidelines are a good first step.

Those ranges give health advocates hope.

The government recommends that those older than 50, African Americans and people with high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease eat 1,500 milligrams a day. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone eat no more than 1,500 milligrams a day.

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Once the guidelines are issued, Americans won't notice an immediate taste difference in higher sodium foods like pizza, pasta, bread and soups. The idea would be to encourage gradual change so consumers' taste buds can adjust, and to give the companies time to develop lower sodium foods.

"Those differences say to me that the companies that make the highest sodium products could certainly Nike Air Max Tavas Premium Black

"I think one of the things we are very mindful of is that we need to have a realistic timeline," Hamburg said.

In addition to flavor, companies use sodium to increase shelf life, prevent the growth of bacteria, or improve texture and appearance. That makes it more difficult to remove from some products, Hamburg noted.

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"We believe we can make a big impact working with the industry to bring sodium levels down, because the current level of consumption really is higher than it should be for health," Hamburg said.

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The Food and Drug Administration is preparing voluntary guidelines asking the food industry to lower sodium levels, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told The Associated Press. Hamburg said in a recent interview that the sodium is "of huge interest and concern" to the agency.

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