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The National Wolfwatcher Coalition rejects the DNR's Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey wolf hunting/trapping proposal altogether. Nancy Warren, Great Lakes Regional Director of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition stated, "the quotas established by DNR are too high and represents a reduction of the wolf population by 18 29 percent."

Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

He said the state loses 25 percent of the adult wolves annually, about 200, and of the 1,000 pups born each year only about 300 survive the first year.

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Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

Legislators argued a wolf hunting/trapping season Nike Thea Beige Leather

"These aren't catch dogs, we aren't using pit bulls to hunt," Schoettel said. "Our hounds trail the animal and tree it or bay it up. We love our animals and don't ever want our dogs killed," he said.

Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

Nike Air Max Thea Blue And Grey

inquiries from someone looking for "four large dogs" to be used for hunting wolves, said Joni Geiger, executive director of the humane society.

Dane County Circuit Judge Peter Anderson said in his ruling that the DNR could move forward with a hunt that does not involve dogs. But on Thursday, DNR officials said they would cancel the hunt if the judge issued the injunction because the agency would not have time to create regulations on the use of dogs before the hunt begins.

Carl Schoettel, vice president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, said its ridiculous to imply that hunting dogs would run after wolves and grab on to the animal or that hunters would tie dogs out as bait. Dogs used to hunt wolves would be no different than the hounds used in bear and coyote hunting, he said.

was needed to reduce livestock depredation. However, the approved Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan already allows for killing wolves responsible for depredation, she said, adding that research suggests that Wisconsin has a biological carrying capacity of 700 1,000 wolves.

´╗┐Battle lines drawn in state wolf hunt

Adrian Wydeven, wolf expert with the DNR, said Wisconsin's wolf population grew from 25 in 1979 to between 815 880 in 2012 because of a comprehensive management plan.

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According to the DNR wolf hunting regulations, it is illegal to allow a hunting dog to kill a wolf.

"Wolves are apex predators, they hunt the largest herbivores on the landscape. If they are living in an agricultural area, they don't distinguish livestock from wild prey," he said.

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run Oct. 15 through Feb. 28, 2013.

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"I find this appalling and I am ashamed Wisconsin would take such a giant step backwards when it comes to animal welfare," Geiger said.

The Oshkosh Humane Society already received Nike Thea Black And Pink

The 2012 wolf hunting season proposal is a temporary framework, known as an emergency rule. Over the next two years, the DNR will work with the many groups that have an interest in the season to develop a more permanent wolf hunting season framework.

Fond du Lac Humane Society Shelter Manager Renee Webb said they have been on guard for requests for large dogs that could be used to hunt wolves.

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Still their numbers continue to grow and the hope, he said, is that a public harvest would control the animals in parts of the state where they are causing problems.

In 2000, eight farms suffered wolf depredation. Last year, it was 40 farms, he said.

Lora Kolz Bosin of Fond du Lac said the wolf hunt needs more time and work before being approved.

Animal rights advocates are happy about a Dane County judge's move to temporarily halt the use of dogs during Wisconsin's inaugural wolf hunt.

"One of our biggest concerns is if people are looking for dogs to use as bait dogs. It's disconcerting to me, really, that there are no restrictions on how people can use dogs for hunting. That's why there is this outcry," Webb said.

However, the ruling puts the fate of the five month hunt in jeopardy, according to officials at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The season is set to Air Max Tavas White Cool Grey

"I don't think it should be so long. I don't like it at all really, but realize like any animal hunted, they need to be regulated in order to keep numbers at a good level to prevent bad health of the animals when there are too many," she said.

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