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"I told her I was done with dairy and heading over to. And then she said, 'I have cancer, too.'"

She didn't lose her hair till the second round of treatment started two years ago. She went from a full head of hair to being bald in an hour. Initially, she chose to wear hats to ease her comfort level as well as those of others. Then, two years ago, she was halfway to church when she realized she was sans hat. Should she turn back? She chose not to be late and entered the sanctuary to quiet gasps and then to thumbs up from others sitting in the pews.

This isn't to say that the past four years have been easy. Far from it.

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

"I told myself, 'This is not working for me. I'm just getting back up and putting one foot in front of the other,'" Goff says. "I was done with my little funk."

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

effects of powerful cancer drugs, Goff told him she didn't get the memo that she could do that. Instead you'll find her busy, working her job at The Medcom Group LTD, a Windsor based durable medical equipment company.

She started on treatments and hasn't looked back. "I haven't had many bad moments. I'm Air Max Thea Pink Grey

"My 17 year old accompanied me and I had X rays and a CT scan," she said. "The doctor came into our room, his hand fluttering. He told me I had cancer and it was everywhere."

"Two days later I was in my room, in a chair, reading a book. A nurse happened by and saw the empty bed and assumed I had died. I said, 'No, I've got a great book and I'm reading. What are you doing?'"

somebody had taken care of her, and now she was going to take care of the plants. He then told her a friend had stage 4 colon cancer, and he asked if they could talk. They did.

That's when they knew they had a "treater," Goff says.

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Case in point: When her doctor asked if she was taking time off work or at least working reduced hours while she deals with the side Nike Air Max Thea Premium Women's

Her prospects for surviving the surgery, she says, were remote.

That's because she chooses to live her life as a survivor. "I Nike Air Max Thea Calgary have been on a second course of treatment (for) two years in April," she says. "The only option is to keep going. We're all little nomads on this planet. We need to keep walking, keep going, keep doing."

In fact, her cancer has turned into a little ministry of its own. One day while grocery shopping in the dairy aisle, another woman asked her where she was on her journey.

"The first round of chemo had really nasty side effects," she says. "When I drank something cold it was like swallowing shards of glass, and it felt like I had pins sticking in my hands and feet."

not affected by things starting or ending. I smile with joy. I never expected to be at this place, but I know I'm where I'm supposed to be."

Her journey as a cancer patient began in 2009 when she made a doctor's appointment. She was presenting with symptoms of colon cancer and was taken aback when her doctor insisted she go immediately to Medical Center of the Rockies for surgery.

"I suggested we take a couple days and see what's going on," she says. Her doctor would hear none of it.

That includes serving on the Survivor Committee of Windsor's Relay for Life and on the committee for Stepping Stones, which helps families stay in their homes.

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Barbara Goff was diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer four years ago. Although she's not yet in remission, the cancer hasn't stopped her from living her life as a survivor. Nor will the cancer stop her from joining others in the survivor's walk at Windsor's Relay for Life, Friday and Saturday at Eastman Park.

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Goff continues, "Medicine is great, but the doctors aren't in charge of my timeline. If there's something for me to do, there's a bigger person taking care of my days and ordering them. I'm not where I expected to be, but I'm exactly where I need to be."

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Another time a man followed her out of Lowe's, where she had purchased a cart full of plants on their last legs. He remarked on the sad looking plants and Goff told him Nike Air Max 2015 Reflective Men's Running Shoe

´╗┐Barbara Goff battles Stage Four cancer

That's not to say she's hasn't had a fleeting moment of self pity. Being who she is, however, it lasted all of 10 or 15 seconds.

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

Nike Air Max Thea Calgary

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