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This is incorrect. Modern ICMB designs include maneuverable reentry vehicles. Of course there's really no way for someone outside the defense community to confirm these claims, but I know of no physical reason why they couldn't be true.

Your point stands, I'd like to clarify that the HTV 2 vehicle[1] is an unpowered glider, boosted to cruise velocity by a rocket stage, not a scramjet. Unfortunately, most of the popular news reporting has used the term "airplane" which usually refers to an aircraft capable of powered flight. IE. they're ballistic. I could see that something designed to hit the predictable path of a ballistic missile at mach 20 would fail to hit an aircraft which can turn at mach 20. (How well this thing can actually turn is another question.)

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niels_olson 1102 days ago link

I think it's mostly there so the Air Force can pretend it will still be relevant in 20 years time. Pilots in planes will be replaced by UAV, or cruise missiles. But they want to cling to the romance of real humans in the sky.

Sharlin 1102 days ago link

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wisty 1102 days ago link

falling. You can stick out a little control vane to try to change course a little bit, but at that sort of speed, in that sort of atmospheric density, and bearing in mind that during re entry anything that is at all pointy will get burned off, I doubt you could do much at all.

hugh3 1101 days ago link

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sehugg 1102 days Nike Air Max Thea Ebay ago link

Not necessarily . reentry vehicles have been able to maneuver as far back as Gemini by rotating (they have a slight amount of lift) this works best in the upper atmosphere where small velocity changes can make large changes to your landing zone. Both the US and Russia designed maneuverable warheads to evade each other's ABM systems.

ICBMs have been going roughly this speed for a while now, so anti ballistic missiles either have been useless for a while, or will continue to work. The shuttle goes a good deal faster (mach 25) on re entry. It may lead to advances in airplanes, but I highly doubt it is cost effective compared to an equivalent missile that just slams home.

Hence adapted, and referring to the tech, not Air Max Thea White Cut Out

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jasonwatkinspdx 1102 days ago link

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´╗┐ballistic missiles useless and make possible long

see my comment below: radius of an 8g turn at mach 20 (330 m/s 20) is 555 km. The radius of the earth is 6378 km. They've got to at least consider orbital mechanics just to hold altitude constant. Able to maneuver and highly New Air Max 2015 Colorways

the object. Hell, you can turn without air. It's a rocket.

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maneuverable are two different things. The Titantic was able to maneuver. We're talking plasma hot. You can't turn while Green Air Max Tavas

ICBMs can go fast, but they follow a predictable ballistic trajectory. They can also be intercepted by anti missile missiles. You will need another scramjet to catch a scramjet while in the atmosphere.

iwwr 1102 days ago link

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