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We were, however, fortunate to have Dr.

As the King's team ran urgent training for nursing and medical staff at Connaught, suspected cases began to emerge. were rife with a nurse having been one of the first victims. The fear amongst hospital staff was palpable.

During this crisis, the King's team have all faced difficult questions. The most fundamental being whether our organization should be involved in the Ebola response at all.

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

Ebola is the main conversation, in government, the media and on the street. People are now starting to truly understand the Nike Air Max Tavas Br

Our work at Connaught Hospital in Freetown was not hands on clinical care but consulting on how to strengthen the health system over the long term.

Khan's sickness added to fear and vulnerability felt by many doctors and nurses treating Ebola patients. They reasoned "if even Dr. Khan can get sick, then any of us can."

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

Most health workers are still coming to work, but almost everyone is afraid. We're all aware of how much is at stake. We ask ourselves are we acting beyond our competency and putting ourselves at risk?

Amongst the wider Sierra Leone population we've seen a lot of mistrust many people believe that Ebola is a government myth created to steal their organs or money.

Staff worked into the night to set up an expanded isolation unit and now work to provide treatment and take blood specimens. It is sweaty and exhausting work, scrubbing floors with bleach in full gowns, masks and protective clothing in the intense rainy season heat.

scale of risk. Businesses have buckets of chlorine at the doorstep, people wear gloves and have stopped shaking hands.

such an outbreak.

We immediately isolate anyone who shows symptoms. They sometimes have to wait three to four days for the lab results. About a quarter of the patients who have been isolated have died at Connaught, meaning most recover or are referred for treatment elsewhere.

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All our staff are volunteers and this isn't what they originally signed up for so we gave them the option to withdraw from clinical activities if they wanted to.

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

The population is not yet panicking though. The people of Sierra Leone have been through many challenges over the years, from war to cholera, and they remain resolute.

Sierra Leone's health facilities were struggling to cope even before this outbreak.

The country has a major shortage of doctors, nurses and infrastructure, meaning we're all working in challenging circumstances. Tracing people who have had contact with Ebola sufferers is very difficult, and made more challenging by poor roads and overcrowded housing.

There's no doubt Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens that it's going to be an intense and exhausting next few months for medical staff as the outbreak continues.

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

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But after team discussions and with senior colleagues back at King's in London we decided that as an organization we had a duty to respond and that we had the capacity to do so safely and effectively.

These guidelines were held up as a model for other hospitals, and we continue to act as advisers to the Health Ministry, along with groups such as Medicines Sans Frontieres, Emergency Hospital and the World Health Organization.

We found ourselves amongst the first responders, alongside heroic Connaught colleagues such as Sister Cecilia (Sister in Charge of A and Dr. Modupe Cole (Consultant Physician) who did not hesitate to step forward and manage the response.

But, after some initial nerves, they are working together, gaining experience and confidence to help Sierra Leone to fight its latest, life threatening challenge.

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

´╗┐Battling fear and outbreak

Others believe that if they go to hospital they will be killed. So many hide at home and are cared for by relatives who then get sick themselves. Some patients have escaped from hospitals with relatives' help.

Although our small team is highly qualified, we didn't really have the funding or equipment to Nike Air Max Infrared 2015

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

Nike Air Max Thea Green Womens

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