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Transforming automobiles to that system would reduce dependence on foreign oil, promote the use of Minnesota based energy such as ethanol and wind generated power, and potentially produce substantial savings for consumers as gasoline prices spiral ever upward, according to Hornstein. In addition, the legislation will attempt to convince officials from Ford Motor Co. to transform its St. Paul assembly plant into one that produces the new vehicles.

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The legislation sponsored by Hornstein and Rep. Laura Brod, R New Prague, attempts to tie those efforts together into a single vehicle. It would also make a commitment to buy thousands of those vehicles for the state's vehicle fleet once they become available at a price not more than 10 percent higher than a typical model.

Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

here now," he said.

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The program several years ago converted a Toyota Prius to run on E 85. Jones said there are companies that offer kits at a cost of about $8,000 to turn a hybrid vehicle into a plug in car. Advocates of the technology say they can charge a vehicle overnight and drive at speeds up to 34 miles per hour for 30 miles on the single charge. And the energy cost for the electricity is equivalent to 80 cent per gallon gasoline.

And several companies are offering kits, albeit very expensive ones, that allow hybrid cars to run for up to 30 miles solely on batteries, which are recharged by plugging the car into a garage outlet each night.

"This fits perfectly with our curriculum and our program," according to Jones, who said the program hoped to focus more on hybrid technology even before the new legislation was developed.

´╗┐Auto engineering program may get ethanol study money

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While $100,000 isn't a substantial amount of money for a research project, Jones hopes that former students now working for Ford and Toyota might help facilitate donations by the companies. The developers of the plug in technology might also be willing to donate equipment.

Ethanol powered vehicles aren't new. E 85 fuel pumps, which contain fuel that's 85 percent ethanol and just 15 percent petroleum, are now more common in Minnesota than virtually anywhere else in the country.

best ways to boost the ability of the cars to rely on battery power for short trips.

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Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

automotive program would be granted $100,000 to study using ethanol based fuel in hybrid vehicles and also examine the Air Max Thea In Tan

"We really believe the technology is Womens Nike Air Max Thea Mid

Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's

Jones said MSU would study exhaust emissions of the vehicles, performance and the amount of money that a consumer would save compared to driving a traditional car or a standard hybrid vehicle.

Hornstein, one of the Legislature's most enthusiastic environmentalists, said a move to flexible fuel, plug in hybrid vehicles makes sense for Minnesota in ways that go beyond reducing pollution and greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.

"This is research Nike Air Max Thea Joli Women's that would be of national significance," said Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL Minneap olis, the chief sponsor of the bill.

While that top speed and range would be enough for many urban drivers, the advantage of a plug in hybrid is that it would have a fuel powered engine to take over when the batteries run low or higher speeds are needed.

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Bruce Jones, a professor of automotive engineering technology at MSU, said his colleagues and students would be charged with developing a couple of vehicles to demonstrate and test how the technologies tie together.

The Automotive Engineering Technology program at Minnesota State University would play a role in making Minnesota a leader in reducing dependence on gasoline under legislation being pushed by state lawmakers.

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