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But the county's population growth has developed in the western half of the county, so the districts represented by Helen Goreham and Woody Thompson are likely to get smaller geographically to maintain equal population size.

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I for one am proud of the job Helen has done with her rational though process and deliberation in NOT allowing some of the over development into West Cobb. She also has her head on her shoulders when it comes to avoiding over spending. Chairman Lee and our mal functioning County Manager could sure use some lessons from her!

Southwest Cobb, which is represented by Woody Thompson in District 4, has grown by about 33,000 residents since 2000. The district extends south of Macland Road, then spreading east to include Mableton and most of the city of Marietta.

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commission districts must have close to the same number of people in them. Cobb is now the fourth largest county in Georgia, according to the 2010 Census, with a total population of 688,078. Divide that by four for the Air Max 2015 White Red

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"It'll be interesting to see how lines move," Birrell said. Then you must also believe that District 1 is ONLY west Cobb. Do you know where you get your drinking water? Perhaps not. Your drinking water comes from District 1 NW Cobb, Lake Allatoona. Ever hear of it? Lat I checked, it's still in Helen's district.

But county commission redistricting is ultimately done through local legislation, not the commission itself although the last time around, in 2002, it was done by a federal judge when lawmakers couldn't agree.

Geographically, it is the largest of the four commission districts, and it includes the whole cities of Kennesaw and Acworth, plus part of Marietta, the county seat.

"If they have any concerns, they can go down and look at the numbers," he said.

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MARIETTA County Chairman Tim Lee will head to downtown Atlanta this week to the state's reapportionment office to review population maps and jump start the process of adjusting district lines for the county commission.

"We've all grown some, but one thing that might have contributed to growth in District 4 is people are looking at the area because of its proximity" to the city, said Thompson, who will be up for re election in 2012.

four commission districts, and you get about 172,019 people in each district.

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If we had a Helen Goreham in each district, you can bet we wouldn't be in the budget crunch we're in now. Helen has more testoserone than the rest of the commissioners combined!

The state Legislature is scheduled to convene in a special reapportionment session beginning Aug. 15, and the session could last a month. Justice Department for approval.

In keeping with the principle of 'one person, one vote,' all four Nike Air Max Thea Premium Sneaker Tan

little toes stepped on.

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In east Cobb, District 2 remained about the same size since 2000, losing fewer than 500 people, but Commissioner Bob Ott said it is the most densely populated district.

This year, Lee said his goal is to finalize a map as quickly as possible to send to the Cobb delegation as local legislation.

"You want to make sure whoever is elected can represent the entire Nike Air Max Thea Laces district," Ott said. "District 2 has a lot of different pockets of uses. You don't want to get too many diverse pockets because you have to treat each pocket equally, and what may be good for one may not be good for another."

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´╗┐Because of growth in west Cobb commission districts must shrink

Ignoring the woman hater comment from the person below who obviously got his poor Purple And White Air Max 2015

Goreham said that about 43,000 new residents have moved into the northwest Cobb district, which currently covers a large swath of land from the Paulding and Bartow/Cherokee lines over to Interstate 75 and down to Macland Road, in the last 10 years.

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"If you look simply at the numbers, Districts 1 and 4 have grown the most," she said. "We're going to be like the donors. We would give up some numbers to Districts 2 and 3."

"My district is like the teenager of Cobb," Goreham said. "We've developed only more recently compared to the others."

District 3, in northeast Cobb, has increased its population by about 12,000. The district, represented by Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, is bordered by Interstate 75 to the west, Cherokee County to the north and Roswell Road to the South.

Lee said an initial revised map will be drawn, which he will bring to the commission for discussion.

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