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While concerned about lead, Nike Air Max Tavas White / Obsidian

"I replace my units every two to three years because I do like to keep better looking equipment," Arndorfer said. "I feel 100 percent that we have no problems here, but we also take other safety measures."

"Our goal is to remove the lead from the products and make the products completely safe for use by children," Deputy Attorney General Jamie Jefferson said. "We noticed general colors, including reds, oranges and purples, seem to have more lead. Part of any future settlement would entail making sure that products already in the marketplace would be disposed of or replaced, because it is a public health issue."

Under Proposition 65, passed by state voters in 1986, businesses must notify the public about significant amounts of chemicals in products they purchase or use.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Some of the companies named in the suit have questioned the testing's accuracy, saying a bounce house's life span is generally only two to four years and those that showed high levels of lead were mostly no longer in use.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Although she is still comfortable with her kids using the bounce houses, Polley said, "I'm glad someone is looking into it. You assume everything is up to code and sometimes you just don't know. Hopefully this will force these companies to be in compliance."

´╗┐Attorney general says many bounce houses contain lead

State Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a lawsuit Aug. 11 against nine companies that manufacture, distribute or sell bounce houses, alleging they contain unsafe amounts of lead.

parts per million for painted surfaces and 300 ppm for other parts. Some of the bounce houses tested showed levels from 5,000 to 29,000 ppm. and Jump for Fun National Inc.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

According to the lawsuit, lead was found in polyvinyl chloride fabric and other materials in the bounce houses. The suit alleges the defendants failed to warn children, workers and the general public about the lead, which at high levels can Air Max Nike 2015 Black

At least once a week, Sean, 6, Sophia, 3, and Seleste, 17 months, spent part of their summer running from a massive vinyl castle to another colorful inflated structure where they could jump and slide to their hearts' content.

The bounce houses tested ranged from 1 to 6 years old, Jefferson said.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Arndorfer said he gets annual reports from the manufacturers. An independent lab tested the vinyl, which had only 2.5 ppm of lead, he said.

Finding daily activities for three young children Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink can be difficult, especially during the summer. For Elizabeth Polley, Camarillo's Jolly Jumps Party Place was the solution.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Arndorfer said children should always wash their hands after playing in bounce houses or use hand sanitizer before handling food. At Jolly Jumps, no food is allowed in the playrooms, and staff members make sure children sanitize their hands before leaving the playroom, Arndorfer said.

Don Arndorfer owns Jolly Jumps Inc., which operates Jolly Jumps Party Place in Camarillo. He said he immediately called manufacturers of the vinyl materials in his bounce houses to make sure they were safe, and that none were made by the companies named in the lawsuit.

cause irreversible brain damage in children.

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

"You can't walk around with a lead testing kit and sometimes you can't avoid it," Foster said. "As parents, it should be something we need to be concerned about, but your kids should always know to wash their hands."

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

Camarillo resident Stacey Foster said it's all about common sense.

Testing done by the Center for Environmental Health on various bounce houses revealed some parts had high lead levels. The federal limit on lead in children's products is 90 Nike Air Max Tavas Se Men's Shoe

Nike Air Max Thea Light Pink

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