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Any policy or idea is inhenrently bad if it emanates form someone that thinks people in Quebec should be free to enact laws and manage taxes, nothing can be good if someone with a Air Max Thea Women's Asos

Quebec's upstart pro independence party has lost its founding leader.

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

running over pot holes is good.

The 43 year old Aussant says he wants to spend more time with his family.

The former Morgan Stanley economist was seen in opposition as a rising star on the Parti Quebecois benches and as a candidate for finance minister in any future PQ government, but he left in 2011 to create a party that would be more aggressive in pursuing sovereignty.

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Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

´╗┐Aussant quits separatist Option Nationale party

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Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Option Nationale failed to win a seat in last year's provincial election. However, the party had unnerved some in the PQ because of its youthful leader, growing grassroots, and popular online presence.

Good, I agree with everyone here, the last thing we want is a politician with vision, clarity and specially with integrity. What we want is a sweet talking corrupt politician backed by the Mafia who will say one thing and do the other, who will plunder public domain for profiteering of cronies and will give private profiteering daycare centers to the mafia, give the administration of justice to a notorious crime family, appoint Exxon and gas industry lobbyists to the environment, we want poor Indian workers to die from Asbestos cancer, want foxes to guard the hen house, we want our kids to drink radioactive tritium because JMA opposed the Nuclear power plant and breathe tar and have a bridge fall on their heads while toilets are clogged with money laundering bills, No moral compass or nuance is required! Good riddance indeed! ; )

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

Seperatist orange Nike Air Max Tavas Se Black/Metallic Pewter

juice is bad, but federalist cianide laced organge colored kool aid is good for you.

Seperatist grants for technology is bad, but federalist subsidies for cancer causing Asbestos exports are good.

Photo: Robert Skinner (La Presse)

Seperatist electified transport is bad, but federalist combiustion engine Air Max Tavas For Women

little button says it, but if a money laundering mafia criminal has a little button saying hes federalist, then by the magic the most horrendous unethical detrimental for society ideas are just great! Its much easier, dont look at ideas or substance, you dont even need a brain to analyze issues, just one neuron with the binary ability to detect good federalist feel from the bad seperatist vibe does the job, one neuron is enough to juge any and all policies! wonderful.

Jean Martin Aussant who created, led, and was the public face of Option Nationale has announced he's leaving politics, placing his party before an uncertain future.

Separatists daycare centers run by parents and for parents children is bad, federalist daycare centers run by the mafia and for profits is good.

Seperatist renewable energy and green diversification of the economy is bad, but federalist Fossile fuel powerplants we pay for not running cause we dont need Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan it is good.

Nike Air Max Thea Premium Tan

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