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In total, Yetman threw 45 pitches Air Max 2015 Leather

Hearing this unwelcomed news, I nervously stepped to the outside portion of the batter's box, and proceeded to whiff often. I asked Yetman, after our faceoff, if she had eased up at all. She glared at me. "I was trying to strike you out every pitch." Said Hanson, "There is no such thing as a non competitive Molly."

One thing is for certain, though: even if I had faced Yetman during my days with the London Majors, I still would have looked like I was swatting blindly at a piata instead of trying to hit a baseball. After all, there is no such thing as a non competitive Molly Yetman.

"Molly is undefeated and has allowed only one run over two seasons," wrote Lemon. "I think this would make for an interesting story from a gender perspective, kind of a Bobby Riggs versus Billie Jean King battle of the sexes idea." In 1973, tennis pros Riggs, 55, and King, 29, battled at the Houston Astrodome where King humiliated the former World No. 1 player 6 4, 6 3, 6 3.

This was unchartered territory for me. Fastball and baseball may share spitting, occasional crotch grabbing and wads of chewing gum, but that's where the similarity ends. And besides, after hitting a baseball every day for Nike Air Max 2015 Usa

Yetman and her all star catcher, Leslie Hanson, 21, of Oakville, strutted into Centrefield Sports like a prize fighter and a corner man, dressed in familiar purple uniforms and avoiding eye contact with their fresh meat. Yetman's handshake feels like a vice grip I knew right away I was in trouble. This was no exhibition. When I told the battery of my baseball experience, Yetman was even more focused on crushing me.

Yetman had never pitched to a male baseball player, but as I took my practice swings, all the while trying to time her pitches during her warm up, she showed no sign of fear. Either did I. Ignorance is bliss.

When I pitched the idea of Out Of My League to Londoner editor Don Biggs, I said baseball was taboo, since I played and coached with the London Majors during my 33 years on the diamond. But when Western Mustangs women's fastball coach Pete Lemon tossed me a rare opportunity to face star hurler Molly Yetman, I couldn't wait to step into the batter's box at London's Centrefield Sports.

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Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum

Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum

Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum

fastballs mostly, with lots of movement, and just the right number of changeups to keep me off balance. Hanson, who plans to attend medical school, called the pitches. "She calls a good game," said Yetman. "I don't focus too much on the hitters."

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Facing Yetman's variety of pitches was like jumping on the scariest new ride at the amusement park. You look forward to a good time, but there's no way you can prepare for the unknown.

I asked Yetman about that one run she surrendered in two seasons. "It Air Max Thea Purple

was a brain fart," she said, laughing, much to the amusement of Hanson. "I'm still mad about that." I recognized how she still struggled with that minor hiccup, and knew that I should not have provided additional fuel for the fire. Tall, attractive, well spoken and confident with a bio to back her slight cockiness Yetman's windup and release is a thing of beauty. It's like watching the Bolshoi Ballet and Olympic long jump competition combined.

five straight months during the 2001 Intercounty Baseball League season, I hadn't even looked at a bat.

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Naturally, I asked Yetman if she had ever hit a batter. "Once, in practice. I sent a member of my team to the hospital. Not intentional. She just leaned into a pitch and I caught her on the elbow," said Yetman, not proud of this but boasting a wry smile.

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Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum

Facing a world class women's fastball pitcher versus a professional baseball pitcher couldn't be more dissimilar. A top baseball pitcher throws from 60 feet, 6 inches at 95 mph, allowing the batter just .396 seconds to react. At 65 mph from just 43 feet, and with a ball twice the size of a baseball plus a 12 foot stride from the rubber Yetman allowed me about .350 seconds of reaction time. Just to add more insult to my injury, the ball did not descend from her ear, but rather it ascended from her thigh.

Yetman will graduate with a degree in Kinesiology, and may play again in Europe. Lemon says she'll likely join Hanson in playing provincial level summer ball. A former McMaster Marauders and Windsor Lancers football player, and Kent State professor for 20 years before joining Western, Lemon is trying to recruit Yetman and Hanson as assistant coaches.

Yetman, 25, of Cambridge is one of Canada's most dominant fastball pitchers and member of the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame. After pitching the Guelph Gators to the 2005 Midget Canadian Championship, she joined the Wayne State University Warriors and set a school record winning percentage of .8387. An All America team member, she was the first Lady Warrior to reach the 500 strike plateau, including a 300 strikeout rookie season.

I was lucky enough to connect on a handful of pitches, but I only hit two balls hard, including a rope to left field. Hitting Yetman's fastball with an aluminum bat was like being stung by 1,000 wasps.

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Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum

´╗┐Batting against Molly Yetman

In 2009 and '10, Yetman pitched professionally for Nike Air Max Thea Pure Platinum the Antorcha (Spain) and Centrals (Netherlands) ballclubs. "It was a good vacation," quipped Yetman, whose sense of humour, I would learn, was as quick as her 65 mph fastball. This season her sophomore year with the Mustangs the 6 foot right hander was untouchable in helping Lemon's club win both Ontario and Canadian university championships. During Western's two straight undefeated seasons, Yetman posted earned run averages of 0.000 in 2010 and 0.200 in '11.

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