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Enzi said in a speech to Senate colleagues that many minimum wage jobs are for young people, where they learn skills such as making change and running a cash register.

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"Wyoming families deserve a chance to live the American dream," he said. "In this tough economy, people across our state are struggling on a daily basis to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Senate failed to proceed to a full debate on the issue in a mostly partisan vote. Wyoming's minimum wage is $5.15 an hour; however, companies that engage in interstate commerce must pay the federal $7.25 minimum wage.

People were asked whether they would support an increase to the federal minimum wage of at least $9 an hour, Van Ausdall said.

St. Paul, Minnesota based firm DFM Research conducted the poll on behalf of the party. The margin of error was plus or minus 5 percent, Van Ausdall said, adding national support for a raise to the minimum wage was closer to 80 percent.

The Wyoming Democratic Party blasted Republican Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrassofor votingto blocka federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

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Enzi would prefer other measures to promote job growth, such as approving the Keystone Pipeline, he said.

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"They don't know how to interrupt their texting in order to wait on the customer," he said.

But Laura Mengelkamp, a spokeswoman for Barrasso, said raising the minimum wage would hurt job growth.

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"There's clear, nonpartisan evidence that the current proposal will destroy jobs and discourage employers from hiring more people," she said in an email to the Star Tribune. "Sen. Barrasso believes the best way to increase Americans' wages across the board is to remove government barriers to creating better job opportunities and greater economic growth. At a time when many Air Max Tavas 39

After the vote, President Barack Obama Nike Air Max Thea White Blue Tint

blamed Republicans for denying millions of Americans a way out of poverty.

Americans still can't find work, we should focus on supporting policies that encourage hiring, not discourage it."

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Pete Gosar, the party's chairman, said the senators are out of touch with Wyomingites.

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"So if you like the dollar deal at your fast food place, get ready for a dollar and a half at your fast food place," he said.

He also said Americans enjoy inexpensive goods from a low minimum wage. The proposed increase was 40 percent.

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Wyoming, 69 percent of Nike Air Max Thea Se Grey Wyomingites support raising the federal minimum wage, said Robin Van Ausdall, executive director of the Wyoming Democratic Party. The party commissioned a poll in April that questioned about 400 Wyomingites on landline telephones.

´╗┐Barrasso for rejecting min wage vote

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