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The city, and the surrounding bay area are full of available women, who do want to meet "you". just need to lookIf you're not social, then you wont meet anyone in this city, especially if you moved here for a job, and have little friends, or time to meet people, hence why dating sites like Okcupid are essential. In SF, the real life singles scene is dominated by men. If you go to an event or a bar, there is a lopsided ratio of men to women. The women who are out, are typically insane. The cool women you want to meet are actually on OKCupid because they are tired of being surrounded by dirtbags and nerds (and insane women). The bars and events are overrun with attractive women. The weird trolls are the ones hanging out on OKC. Thus, if you move across country to NYC and update your OKC location, you'll start getting tons of messages from tattooed roller derby girls who have pet snakes. Nice reply and do agree with: "So OkCupid works well for a man dating in SF, because that's where the normal, interesting, good looking women are." _ I think it works well for women too, as men are constantly messaging ladies more than the opposite, of course, I am one of those men. :)

Nike Air Max Thea White Mens

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Nike Air Max Thea White Mens

process on the attractiveness of the applicant because they want to project a certain image. I'm Orange Nike Air Max Thea

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Nike Air Max Thea White Mens

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not sure if this is true or not, and I can't find a citation, but it was in Weapons of Mass Instruction [1] I believe, but possibly Dumbing Us Down [2]. It was in his letter to his niece at the end of Weapons, if I recall correctly. with all the skyscrapers, there's a very high density need for secretaries (and their variants), which are roles that are disproportionately historically filled by women (for whatever reason please nobody launch into PC gender flame fest here)2. lots of rich and/or high "status" ambitious men in suits draws many kinds of women like flies (not all, but many)3. maybe also the high density concentration of art, dance, advertising, book publishing industries all of which seem to disproportionately attract women rather than men. plus many other factors. I just doubt it's one thing.

The explanation is quite simple: male/female ratio in NYC is 0.9 and in Bay Area it's about 1.03starkfist 1525 days ago link

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"[the two variables are] income inequality, and the willingness of wealthier men to marry beautiful women from the lower income and social classes. Women then compete for lucrative marriage prizes."NYC has both variables.

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NYC specifically has a large number of attractive women for the same reason LA does: a lot of industries based in the city which employ and are built on attractive women. Artists spend their whole lives on the awareness of seeing. When you fall for someone you truly see them, much like an artist does. There is more beauty in that than a roomful of 10's at a wet T shirt contest.

´╗┐because the dating scene was so bad and I felt like my startup enfo

I have never seen anybody describe the Ivy League as being known for having attractive women.

The reasons for migration to cities are always economic. There are more jobs "for women" in NYC.

I like Tyler Cowen's theory:

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In one of John Taylor Gatto's books he brings up that Ivy League schools base part of their admissions Air Max Thea Loyal Blue

Nike Air Max Thea White Mens

Nike Air Max Thea White Mens

attractive women? Is it something to do with NY being popular among women, or the culture of the east coast, or the presence of Ivies, or.?edit: To clarify my question why are there more women in NYC? Is there a clear cause?

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