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The artificial neuron concept may be hard for non computer experts to grasp, but the cell phone company, which McGrath is not yet allowed to name, is essentially using the technology to gather information about a customer's buying habits from different parts of the computer network and use it to come up with better sales leads.

He headed the team that helped resurrect the third release of Lotus 1 2 3, a spreadsheet program that was hugely popular in the 1980s. He has also developed a customer service system for GE that resulted in a $50 million Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White turnaround in operations.

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

"People have been trying to solve this problem for a good long time," McGrath said. "In my estimation, this is a radical new technology."

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

Say a customer exceeds his monthly minutes by 15 percent about halfway through the billing cycle. Instead of waiting until the customer calls two weeks later to complain about an outrageous bill, a customer service representative will get an alert and can call the customer with an offer to forgive the extra fees in exchange for an upgraded plan.

If his name sounds familiar, it could be because of his wife, who has long been a public figure in Nashua. Claire McGrath is the former alderman perhaps best known for initiating a recall against then Mayor Bernie Streeter in 2005. She collected more than 3,000 signatures in an attempt to oust Streeter from office, although Streeter eventually went on to finish his term.

set the parameters, deciding what kind of data they want the system to extract, based on initial training from Pneural.

Back in the states, McGrath developed Sanders Associates' first interactive financial forecasting system and ran a group at Digital that was dedicated to competing with PC based software. After moving through the ranks of a number of computer firms, he finally landed at Microsoft in 2006, where he was named senior director for a product called Global Sales eXperience.

The software uses artificial neurons to break down the barriers between a company's computer applications.

The representative checks the source of the problem the last time and offers to try that solution again. While that is being processed, he or she mentions that you must like to watch movies, having seen the number of movies you rented last month pop up on the screen, and offers to sign you up for a five movies a month plan for $15.95.

The customer is happy, at least in theory, because he avoided a huge bill, and the company is happy because it made a sale.

A major cell phone company has signed on and is using the patent pending technology on a trial basis with the goal of turning its call centers into major revenue generators.

The technology can be used in a many other ways, by other industries, to collect useful data. It's designed so that executives in the company who don't have IT knowledge can Nike Air Max Tavas Khaki Size 10

of customer the company is speaking with, in order to give customer service representatives a better chance of closing the deal. If the person is categorized as a "value driven" consumer, the representative might offer a monthly discount in exchange for signing a new, two year contract. If the person is "toys oriented," the offer might be a free smart phone.

The same customer service application could work for a cable company. Let's say you call to complain about your Internet service being down, but instead of getting an automated recording, a customer service representative picks up, greets you by name Nike Air Max Thea Womens Beige

Pneural was incorporated in August, just a month after McGrath left Microsoft. He is funded by private investors and hopes to start selling the software in March. For now, the company's offices are in the finished basement of Lights on Realty on Daniel Webster Highway in south Nashua.

The technology also provides information about what type Nike Air Max Boots 2015

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

It mimics real neurons by temporarily integrating a company's computer applications to bring together information that is useful to the business without moving or alternating the data.

The company has 11 employees, including five programmers in Richmond, Va., two in Hungary and another two in the Czech Republic.

and asks if you're having problems with Internet access again.

McGrath, a computer engineer, said he has solved a problem that has stumped the IT world since its inception. He describes the technology as a "game changer" for IT that could spawn multiple industries in the future. "It takes the information age to the age of intelligence," he said in a recent interview.

After years of doing high level, behind the scenes work for computer giants like Microsoft and Lotus, McGrath is trying to make a splash with his latest venture: a Nashua software startup called Pneural. The software is still in beta testing; sales of the final version are scheduled to start in March.

McGrath, 63, has played key technical roles for Digital Equipment Corp., Sanders Associates (now BAE Systems), Lotus Development, General Electric and Interleaf, among others.

´╗┐Barrier breaker

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Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

Nike Air Max Thea Womens Black And White

He's paid handsomely for his brain, but his name is never publicly attached to the work.

Chris McGrath has two bachelor's degrees from Boston College, one in finance and another in computer science, and an MBA from Babson College. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, where he was eventually assigned to the CIA as a black ops specialist.

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