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acting on behalf of the homeowner, because they are the buyer and acting on their own behalf.

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The 72 hour issue makes no sense there is no 3 day recision on a purchase/sale in Florida.

Feel free to call me or email anytime. I can help walk you thru the quagmire we do this every day.

To say the least, one morning two women from the Department of Financial Regulations showed up with paperwork and a briefcase ready to go to war. Trust me when I say, they mean business! Apparently it looked like my company did the Loan Modifications.

So be warned, if youre in Florida and doing Loan Modifications/and or negotiating 3rd party debt, make sure youre doing it legitimately! Several months back they shut down one of the biggest Loan Modification companies in Jacksonville, because they were not up to par.

My intention was to refer the necessary information to the company in Tampa, and if the homeowner didnt qualify for the Modification the lead would be referred back to my company if the Attorney felt a Short Sale was a feasible alternate.

Some say, and make a pretty good argument, that they would not be Nike Air Max Thea Mens White

We don do loan Modifications at all so that part is no concern for us. I will find out from the title company why do they have that concern. But what I have heard from my partners and others is that the lender has the right to reject the funds for any reason, so that is why the 72 Air Max 2015 Flyknit Black

Nike Air Max Women Thea

Nike Air Max Women Thea

Nike Air Max Women Thea

Nike Air Max Women Thea

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Nike Air Max Women Thea

I don see why they would require you to hold it for 72 hours, if the approval Nike Air Max Women Thea letter did not have any restrictions. You may have to look for a new Title Company. The Department of Financial Regulations is cracking down on Loan Modifications and Short Sales in Florida.

No problem. I would advise that you consult a compentant Real Estate Attorney that understands what your company does for proper clarification.

Nike Air Max Women Thea

Something has to be scaring them into thinking that the funds would get rejected. Or they had recent experiences with this happening. This isn normal in my experience. Is this how they always handled double closings or is this something new? I just ask them.

Nike Air Max Women Thea

hours holding period appears to be safe to insure that the funds will not be rejected.

They informed me to be very careful, because Short Sales are coming next! If in Florida and doing Short Sales make sure you adhere to Florida Statues 501.1377(4) AND 501.1377(5) and provide proper disclosure in all your forms.

One of the title companies we use to use will no longer do double closings if the profit exceeds $10,000. We had a good working relationship with the President of the title company, and he knew exactly what we did, but said they are cracking down and putting him under a lot of pressure.

But to my understanding, in Florida you cannot negotiate any 3rd party debt. The only way you could negotiate the debt, would be if your are a licensed Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, or an Attorney acting on behalf of the homeowner.

each one of them) if the title company understands to process and provides required documentation to the satisfaction of the UW. Interestingly enough we have had Directs (direct operations) from each of the aforementioned UW refuse to write polices for ABC I have yet to here of the DFR going direct to title agencies re: short sales or ABC tranx, but loan mods absolutely.

After explaining my company does not do Loan Modification, from there they requested I send all the documents that my company used for Short Sales. Needless to say I took down the Loan Modification section from my site, because it was not worth the stress/hassle. After being grilled about my documents, over several days, everything came back okay. (I was informed they must file a report!)

I know about the Department of Financial Regulations first hand. There is a company in Tampa in which a business partner of mine dealt with that was approved by the Attorney General to practice Loan Modification in all 50 states. I figured Id offer this service on my website. Note: Ive never attempted a Loan Modification, nor even wanted too.

I really appreciate the information and insight that is good to know. So when you so negotiating 3rd party debt, do you mean our company negotiating debt for the seller? What are the requirements for that based on what you know?

´╗┐Back to Back Closing

As to FA and STG, make sure you explain what you are doing. Divisional Legal Counsel on the east coast has specially stated internally that FA will NOT UW these deals unless specific protocol is followed. Same w/STG and ORT. Given that, they will UW them (we have closed with Air Max Thea Blue Pink

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