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On June 9, 2010, the Georgia Supreme Court suspended Winner from practicing law in the state after he failed to adequately respond to a state bar association investigation. According to court documents, the suspension was lifted on July 20, 2010, once he properly responded.

could result in disbarment. Among the acts prohibited by Rule 8.4 are lawyers that have been convicted of a felony or engaging in conduct that involves dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

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all participated in the arrest.

The investigation into Winner's activities went on for a little over two weeks, Warren said. The Cobb Sheriff's Office Fugitive Unit, Marietta Cobb Smyrna Narcotics Unit and Sandy Springs Police Criminal Investigations Unit Nike Max Thea Pink

Winner's legal activities have come under question in the past.

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While violations of Rule 3.1 could only result in a reprimand, violations of Rule 8.4 Nike Air Max Thea Metallic Grey

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Calls to a phone number listed for Winner's law practice Friday were greeted with a message saying, "The wireless customer you have called is not available at this time."

It is EXTREMELY easy to be arrested in Cobb County, or any county in which the rights of the accused are regularly trampled upon by law enforcement. Attorney's who zealously defend the constitutional rights of their clients become fast targets of a police force whose motto protect and to serve should arguably be followed by financial interests of their employer. Yes, this makes for a good headline, but if and when the truth comes out, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is an effort by Cobb County Law Enforcement to cover up egregious acts against the citizens of Cobb County by pro actively defaming a zealous defender of those very rights.

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"It's very unfortunate, and it's an isolated incident," Warren said.

Warren said the number of inmates that Winner made these exchanges with was still under investigation. While he said it was more than one, it was not widespread.

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Warren said he wasn't familiar with past investigations of Winner's conduct. Since he started with the sheriff's office in 1977, Warren can't recall an incident of an attorney bringing contraband into the jail.

The bar association did not respond to requests for information on the results of the investigation. According to the bar's website, Rule 3.1 Nike Max 2015 prohibits attorneys from taking legal action when the action's only purpose is to harass or maliciously injure someone or to knowingly advance a claim Nike Air Max Thea Pink Print

´╗┐Attorney accused of unlawful trading

So Warren thinks Cobb's attorneys are very honest. I doubt that but can say that in Cherokee County I have run across some attorneys that will not lie but ask their clients to lie. To me this makes the attorney dishonest. I believe that would be considered perjury or get their client in more trouble. So they either when the case on a lie or they end up having to defend their client in a perjury charge. I hate lawyers. Same may hold true for the medical profession as well. Ask one doc for a referral and rarely would you hear let that guy near you with a scalpel. There are thousand of lawyers and thousands of jokes about lawyers and even thousands of more lawyers who are jokes. Just because they are suppose to be of the courts doesn't translate that everything they do is ethical.

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that is unwarranted under existing law.

MARIETTA An attorney was in the Cobb jail Friday, the very place he is accused of trading drugs and legal services for sexual favors from inmates. Thursday while leaving his Sandy Springs home, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren said. He is charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit crime, three counts of unlawful trading with inmates, and one count each of a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and "use of communications facilities to violate provisions prohibited," all felonies.

Winner provided female inmates at the jail with prescription drugs and legal help in exchange for the women lifting up their tops to expose their breasts, which Winner would watch from the other side of a glass partition, Warren said. He said the inmates also promised Winner sex when they were released from jail.

Documents show that Winner was being investigated for violations of Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct rules 3.1 and 8.4. If proven, the violations could have led to his disbarment.

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"It's my job to ensure safety and security for the facility," Warren said. "I'm not going to tolerate any issues of anyone bringing in contraband."

"The vast majority of attorneys in Cobb County are very honest," he said. "They all have taken their oath of office very seriously. It really bothers me when something like this happens."

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