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Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Mark DelMonte, of Wallingford, was known as the "mayor of the 5:48," sending email alerts to fellow bar car regulars updating them on which of the dwindling number of bar cars were rolling.

a place to have a drink on the long ride home from work. Commuters played dice, formed friendships, talked business, pulled pranks and even had Christmas parties with a jazz band. (AP Photo/Michael R. Sisak)

Her husband, Fred Lexow, was a regular bar car rider for more than 20 years and was one of the original dice players. When he died in September 2012, she described him in his obituary as "a former regular rider of the 523 Club from Grand Central." Fellow bar car riders attended his wake, and bartenders sent flowers.

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

´╗┐Bar cars make last run on New York City area commuter trains

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) The bar cars on trains between Manhattan and Connecticut were making their final run Friday after decades as a gathering place for commuters who played dice, found jobs and had annual Christmas parties with a jazz band.

Meghan Miller, of Branford, who's been riding the bar car since 1997, said she showed up for the birth of a fellow rider's child before he did because she was on an earlier train and the rider's wife had called her as his emergency contact. She said bar car riders would buy her drinks and smoking used to be allowed.

"This is very much 1963. It is a very 'Mad Men' vibe," she said. "That would be incredibly appropriate. If females are going to be on the bar car, you're expected to hold your own."

With their faux wood paneling on the walls and red leather lounges, the bar cars that have run on the Metro North Railroad for at least a half century evoke New York's "Mad Men" era of martini lunches. train to New Haven on Thursday, commuters Nike Air Max Tavas Grey Red

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

The annual Christmas party until a few years ago featured a five piece jazz band underwritten by a rider. The bar cars were also a place to make contacts for new jobs and for a prank, like gluing cans to the bar to trick a man who would come through and guzzle half drunk beers, riders say.

were a fixture on Metro North Railroad trains for at least a half century. For some riders, they were more than Womens Nike Air Max 2015 Pink

"I know all these people," Elliott said. "I've been to parties in the summer at their homes. I know their children. I've been to funerals of people that I've known in this bar car. We've shared all the things that you share with your Nike Max Air 2015 Mens friends in life through meeting each other in this bar car."

snapped photos and recorded videos of the rolling taverns that were much more than a place to have a drink.

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

train from Grand Central Terminal in New York to New Haven, Conn., is empty of riders after its run on Thursday, May 8, 2014. The bar car is near the end of its run as Metro North is retiring it from the New Haven Line after Friday's afternoon rush hour. The cars Nike Thea Joli White

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

"I wanted to take one of these cars, because they're going away, and put it in my backyard," DelMonte said. "It's ugly. It's orange. But it's nostalgic and we love it.".

The bar cars are being retired because they cannot be coupled to a new fleet of train cars on the New Haven line. Transportation officials are hoping to buy new bar cars or retrofit some, but no decisions have been made yet.

Nike Max Air 2015 Mens

Kyle Elliott said he started riding in the bar car 10 years ago but a job change two years ago has kept him away. He returned Thursday after hearing they were making their last runs.

"I moved to Connecticut 10 years ago, but I never would have met as many friends as I've met. It all started on the bar car, really," said Nan Buziak Lexow. "It's a sad day for all of us."

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